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Magna Arbor

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Vihreä Keidas
The whole base of the sequoia is riddled with indents, scars, and sap, evidence of the age and damage the tree had survived. The bark is as sturdy as ever despite weathering years of abuse and growth. Glancing upward, the sky is completely drowned out in shadow from the tree's finger-like branches; their foliage is nearly impenetrable. The small shafts of sunshine that manage to seep through riddle the ground in puddles of light. The water and sun that accumulates makes the grass, moss, and foliage a dark green.
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Hollow
Circling the massive tree, a hollow mouth lies open, the darkness thick but silhouettes slightly visible. Within the hollow there is a spiraling 'staircase'; makeshift chunks of wood left behind from the tree form a staircase that lead on to a small splotch of light. At the top, the light leads to the outside of the tree onto a massive, almost flat branch. Remains of the tree's innards form makeshift houses while tatters of animal fur, bones, and hide thatch the buildings together. Who made these structures, and most of all, who lives in them now?
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Regular Forum Useita Värejä
The flora of the forest floor thrives richly due to two main components: the nutrient rich soil and the water soaked moss. Despite the furry-looking moss flourishing from the ground, roots, and rocks, the brilliant foliage that has grown because of it offsets all the green. Flowers of bright reds, blues, yellows, and oranges sprout from the green while insects and small beings take refuge beneath the loam. At night, the mossy ground is covered in Armallaria-covered mushrooms, making the forest glow like grounded stars.
On the Way To ... Where? Nov 14 2010, 08:20 PM, By Star
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Magna Arbor
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