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Swamp Wastes

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Bayou
Gators normally make their home in the waters of the bayou, which while walk-worthy in some places is mostly knee-high, and the water itself is an almost acid-green colour, reeking of moss and other plantlife in an aroma not befit of sensitive noses. Swamp creatures are said to roam the darker parts, though no confirmed sightings have made it to living ears. Small 'islands' of moss-covered land dot the area randomly, though even on land there is no safety. Huge pythons hide in the trees, patiently awaiting an unsuspecting meal. Tread quickly here, and always carry a light, if you hope to survive.
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Tu'liroon
Safety isn't even found in town, though it's much safer than outside the boundaries of the crudely-crafted wall. The roads of the town are mere, broken-down planks of twisting and winding bridges. The inn sits in the center, run by a crooked creature that looks to be part buzzard. At least the stay is cheap here, but the small pub attached to the inn is no place to put your guard down, usually having shadowy characters and the like. Not much is offered in the town, and the food is...disgusting, to say the least. Each small shop is run by an even more bizarre halfling of some sort, all looking more untrusting than the last. Set off vaguely to the side of the main part of the town where travelers would normally be is the village itself, made up of dinky little huts closely knit to each other, forming clusters. Lanterns litter the streets, hanging high above the water and bridges like tiny ghosts in a harbor.
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Dragon Graveyard
One would at first question the name of this barren wasteland, which seems to abruptly attack the wetter bayou boundaries, suddenly becoming parched and dry, cracks running along unstable land. But as you cross the border between the two, over the hills, it becomes painfully clear. Ribcages and tail bones stick out of the ground haphazardly, littering the entire wasteland. Some are small at best, easily covering larger creatures in a gruesome shelter, while one in particular seems to scream to the skies in an unending keen of death, the massive leftovers of the body in a broken position. Stepping on this land is just as hazardous to the health as the bayou, for underneath caverns of winding caves rest under the brittle earth, just below the surface. Too heavy a footstep in the wrong area will most assuredly equal a tumble into the depths, where the darkness will surely suffocate you.
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Swamp Wastes
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