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Welcome to Sanctuary 17. You need not worry, you're safe here.

This community was created by me, Sargent Toughie as a place where talented and mature people can get together and do a variety of fun things, such as write stories, RP, and just have an overall good time. If you were invited here, then congratulations! If you stumbled upon this site while trying to find a website to call home... then congratulations!

You're in the sanctuary now, it's better here.

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Regular Forum News & events.
A topic for... obviously enough, news and Events. If you've got something big coming up that you want us to know about, post it in here.
Coming soon: S17's Gundam RP! May 16 2011, 04:01 PM, By SargentToughie
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Chat
Talk among your peers about anything you like. Rather you're raving about a game that you're playing, or having an in depth conversation about how crawdads are going to take over the world. This is where you come if you just want to talk.
----, By Guest
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Newbies: introductions
Suppose you're new here, suppose you want to introduce yourself before you go diving into a world full of strangers... Well look no further! Tell us a little bit about yourself, so that everybody's experience will become a better one. Here at the Sanctuary, we welcome newbies with open arms... and cookies
----, By Guest
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Random battle zone
Enter, fight, win, talk. Anything goes in this post for post all you can brawl buffet of a forum. It's the random battle zone, those of you who know it love it... And those of you who don't know it have no idea what you're missing out on
----, By Guest
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Organized RP
Do you have a story in mind that you'd like other players to interact in? Well then this is the section for you, set your own rules and make a game that everybody will love.
----, By Guest
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Character information
Here is a section where you can post descriptions of your character. their personality, description, fighting style... so on. And if there's any fun little threads that involve talking about our characters in a non-RP setting, it'll be done in this section... this is NOT an OOC section.
----, By Guest
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story writing.

Regular Forum (No New Posts) One shot stories.
For writers who don't want to commit to dragging out long, winding narratives. This section is for stories that consist of one chapter and are generally fairly short. Storywriting in bite sized amounts.
----, By Guest
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Chapter stories.
For writers who love to write longer tales. Chapter stories are great for those who have epic tales in mind, where a one shot simply can't get the job done.
----, By Guest
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Fanfiction
We all know what fanfiction is, it's taking somebody else's ideas and making freaking awesome stories out of them.
----, By Guest
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Gaming media

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Reviews
Games new and old, if there's a game out there that you feel like thrashing, or a shiny game that you believe wasn't given justice, here is where you go to tell everybody your opinions.
----, By Guest
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Let's play!
You know 'em, you love 'em. Somethingawful's famous Let's play videos. If you've got a recording device, don't be afraid to share your gaming experiences with your peers.
----, By Guest
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Today in gaming
Come across something that you just have to share? if it's gaming related, tell everybody about it here. Upcoming release dates, gaming awards, anything you think is important to the gaming community.
----, By Guest
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