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Anathema; Oneshot
Topic Started: Sep 1 2017, 06:00 AM (165 Views)
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She had left the woods behind for they held nothing for her. The events that she had been a part of only clarified that.

The boy, in becoming the bull had forgotten a key piece of information. Bulls were nothing more than animals bred to sire more offspring or be killed for sport. Their futures were always known and always ended the same way, the only difference was the setting in which it happened. A harsh lesson that served as an important reminder that animals did not rule the world anymore.

There was more to consider still, people turning on each other so quickly was expected. Their attacker had been proof of that. Already a victim of and creator of violence. Passing it down the line, spreading it like a contagious virus. The only way to not be infected was to not give in.

You couldn't give the pigs power and not expect for them to quickly give in to the corruption. It wasn't their fault.

It was nature.

Everything feasted on everything below it.

The leader of the pride would hold all the power, fighting off any of the young lions looking to claim his throne and the power he possessed, until, inevitably he would fall victim to time itself. As he grew old and tired from having to fight off the constant attempts to usurp his crown he would eventually be cast down. The pride gaining a new younger, superior leader while he, old and weary would be forced out of his former kingdom. Then, at that moment would the hyenas, always looked down upon by the old former king as nothing more than scavengers, strike and the old king would be no more.

The cycle continuing.

They were in a scenario where the balance of power had been carefully and deliberately deconstructed and then rebuilt at random.

The glorious show known as life. Shown clearly through a lense for the first time. It's subject matter: the unspoken truth that could be found hidden deep within the soul of mankind.

They were just like the hyenas.

There would be no rescue. Not from the island. Not even when the one last person was allowed to leave would they be free.

She knew this but she had time.

She could wait.

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