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Hi Kids! Do You Like Violence? (Yeah, Yeah!); this is probably a private thread but if for whatever reason you really wanna join this just PM me i guess
Topic Started: Aug 19 2017, 08:02 AM (2,174 Views)
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"Yeah," Baxter said to Sarah, his eyes on Aria as the smaller boy began to yell, "is he gone?"

Then, Aria's gun hand came up, and time seemed to slow down. He dropped into a crouch, pivoted on his heels, and dove into a roll as Aria filled the space he once stood with bullets.

Baxter came to his feet five yards away, stumbling over a loose rock, and high-tailed it out of there, running in a zig-zag formation. Something slammed into his back, wet liquid splashing against his spine, his thigh, the backs of his shoes, and all he could think was I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead as one of his water bottles emptied out.

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Jock Boy turned to Sarah, asking for confirmation over Snake's screams.


Sarah ducked as Jock ran out of there for obvious reasons. Sarah looked up at the crying boy with a gun.


As soon as the ringing stopped, Sarah sprinted out of there.

I should have packed extra underwear for this …

((Sarah Miller continued in Connect/Disconnect))
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Aria's eyes continued to suffer as he heard two sets of footsteps quickly leaving the scene. He couldn't tell which one was Baxter. It didn't fucking matter as long as he had to deal with the red-hot pain that he had inflicted on him.

God, he just wanted to rip them out, just so it would stop. His cries began to be mixed with shrieks of pain as he clutched tightly at his face and tried to rub his eyes to stop the sensations. The rubbing only made it worse as his body twisted and contorted on the ground as the pain tried to escape through his body, but failed.

Time passed as Aria grappled with himself and his eyes. All he could think about was the pain. It was omnipresent. Every time he tried to think about getting his revenge on Baxter, his mind got yanked back to the current situation. He couldn't open his eyes, he couldn't rub his eyes. He couldn't do anything to stop or reduce the agony. He just had to sit there and take it, be left with the company of Baxter's craziness and Paris.

Oh god, Paris.

He couldn't open his eyes, so Aria began crawling forward. He was slow with his movements, his eyes sealed shut as he blindly reached ahead in search of his friend. At last, he found a leg. He wasn't sure which leg, but that was irrelevant, he followed the leg up, making extra sure to avoid the crotch area. He fought hard against his instincts to just rush up. Paris may still be alive, and he didn't want to contribute to the suffering of his passing.

"Paris?" Aria asked, finally reaching his face and crawling next to him. No response. He then shook Paris. No response. Tears were still coming down his face, though they became mixed with the tears at the realisation of what just happened. Paris was gone. He was no more. Aria couldn't help him pass. He just let him die.

As Aria wept for his lost friend, he asked himself one question.

Just how did everything go so fucking wrong?

((Aria Samuels continued in Tragic Solo))
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