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I Don't Mean to Sound Like A Jerk, but I'm Feeling A Little Stressed Out From Work; Can you punch me in the stomach and pull my hair? Spit on me? Maybe gouge my eyes out? (Yeah!)
Topic Started: Jul 23 2017, 11:15 AM (153 Views)
The Yugetnam War
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best officer on the force
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((Maxwell Lombardi, continued from Front Flip For Style))
((Lyndi Thibodeaux, continued from Guess Who’s Back, Back Again? Dialogue written by Brackie.))

Lyndi Thibodeaux 📱 2/17, 11:12 AM
hey max, how's it going? : )

Maxwell Lombardi 📱 2/17, 11:24 AM
I am doing fairly good right now, although I can’t talk right now since I’m jogging.

Lyndi Thibodeaux 📱 2/17, 11:26 AM
haha well have fun! :)

Lyndi Thibodeaux 📱 2/19, 8:39 PM
hiiiiiii 😙

Maxwell Lombardi 📱 2/19, 8:40 PM
Hello, Lyndi.

Lyndi Thibodeaux 📱 2/19, 8:40 PM
hows your night going?

Maxwell Lombardi 📱 2/19, 8:41 PM
Okay, for the most part. Fairly stagnant though.
...Is there any reason as to why you’ve suddenly created a new chat with only the two of us in it?

Lyndi Thibodeaux 📱 2/19, 8:41 PM
haha it’s not just for us, i’m going to add someone else in a bit 😊

Maxwell Lombardi 📱 2/19, 8:41 PM

Lyndi Thibodeaux 📱 2/19, 8:43 PM
paris but he told me not to add him to any more group chats until hes finished fencing which isn’t for a while

Maxwell Lombardi 📱 2/19, 8:43 PM
Ah, okay then.
How has your day been?

Lyndi Thibodeaux 📱 2/19, 8:44 PM
pretty great haha nobody was mean to me at lunch today like last time so that was fun

Maxwell Lombardi 📱 2/19, 8:44 PM
That’s good. It’s nice to know that Alexander hasn’t bothered you since then.
I suppose he wouldn’t really know about us, though.
Did anything else happen?

Lyndi Thibodeaux 📱 2/19, 8:46 PM
well me and felicia went out after school to central to pick up some new clothes and we had coffee there as well
then she helped me remember something i was talking about with paris and i think you mentioned you might be interested in too so once i got home i started that chat so we could sorta plan things 😊

Maxwell Lombardi 📱 2/19, 8:47 PM
Oh, so this is for the Europe trip?
And that’s good.
How’s Felecia doing? I haven’t talked with her in a while.

Lyndi Thibodeaux 📱 2/19, 8:47 PM
oh she’s doing great, she told me she has a crush on someone haha but she wouldn’t say who because she knew i’d probably accidentally tell someone

Maxwell Lombardi 📱 2/19, 8:48 PM
Clearly you need to build more trust with her.
I thought those types of things were typically common topics for best friends.

Lyndi Thibodeaux 📱 2/19, 8:48 PM
well maybe i do know but am just pretending not to so i don’t get hunted down or something 😙

Maxwell Lombardi 📱 2/19, 8:48 PM
Well, if you did you would be the one hunting me down anyway.


Lyndi Thibodeaux 📱 2/19, 8:49 PM
hahaha 😉
you’re too easy to catch

Maxwell Lombardi 📱 2/19, 8:49 PM
That I am.
And I’m very happy because of that.

Lyndi Thibodeaux 📱 2/19, 8:50 PM
Hahaha checkmate!

Maxwell Lombardi 📱 2/19, 8:51 PM
What can I say?
I might be the king of this school, but as of that day at the cafeteria you’re officially my queen 😊

Lyndi Thibodeaux 📱 2/19, 8:51 PM
haha never change

Maxwell Lombardi 📱 2/19, 8:52 PM
Don’t worry.
I won’t.
Anyway, my family is calling me, so I have to go now.

Lyndi Thibodeaux 📱 2/19, 8:52 PM
ok see ya! 😊

Maxwell Lombardi 📱 2/19, 8:53 PM
Goodbye. 😊

((Maxwell Lombardi and Lyndi Thibodeaux: Pregame Concluded))
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