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They're back-back-back-back-back again~!
Topic Started: Jun 1 2017, 05:47 PM (108 Views)
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It's been a while since I've done one of these, but Second Chances is coming up and my characters need some friends, enemies and everything in between!

Aria Samuels

Quiet, distant and sickly-looking. Aria isn't the most social person in the world. His rough childhood has made him automatically suspicious of people coming close to him and he tends to have a cynical view of the world and people around him. He has been making an effort to be more friendly, however, and won't cuss you out with the slightest provocation. In fact, he's trying his best to make friends, partially due to his parents' insistence. He does have an independent streak and has issues with fully being comfortable in telling people his feelings. If you have similar hobbies, however, that's a good start towards getting in his good books.

I'm mostly looking for people who would be friendly with an anti-social weirdo with a less-than-stellar reputation alongside some of his old friends who became his enemies and bullies throughout his life. For the latter, Aria used to be in the rich circles and as such, most of his bullies would come from there. As for friends, Aria does school choir, so if you're in there, chances are you're familiar with him. He's also more open to those who share similar hobbies or are ridiculously persistent. Also, I'm looking for possible people who may have tried to be kind to Aria before, but then got pushed away and insulted by him. Aria would want to apologise and mend the bridges that form from there and it'd be something I'd really like to explore if possible.

Saachi Nidal

Still in App process so subject to change.

Confident, brash and regal. Saachi has a very high opinion of herself and does her best to exude confidence in her daily life. The pressures from her family have made her see the world as a competition that she has to win and she works hard to make sure that she appears to others as strong and poised. On the flip side, she does have a rebellious side against her father and enjoys shopping and hanging out in malls with her friends. She can also occasionally seen painting, showing off a calmer side that contrasts her more boisterous, headstrong personality.

I'd like Saachi to have friends, in particular, other girls who would enjoy going out shopping with her. She tries to maintain a distance from others, even with her close friends, and tends to be hesitant to talk about her life at home. She is open to those she is close to and while her sense of humour can be caustic, she still enjoys spending time with others and often uses her time with friends to help escape the stressful home life. I'm also up for her having enemies, especially people she has rubbed the wrong way with her cockiness and stubbornness. She hates others who act overconfident as well as people who look to have little to no motivation. as a member of the debating team, she could also have friends or enemies depending on how people feel about her aggressive debating style.
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Sebastien's not super outgoing so I don't know if he'd really try to reach out to Aria, but they could potentially play the same video games at least, maybe occasional online teammates? I don't think he'd get along with Saachi much, but they could have some healthy competition in school.

Eris most likely looks down on Aria, and while she's not necessarily a bully she could have been one of the kids who shunned him when they were younger. She might have a love-hate relationship with Saachi, as she would respect Saachi's intelligence and hard work but possibly also see her as a threat.
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Got two kids here. Wendy and Kyran.

She's a well liked cheerleader who tries to be sweet to everyone but can also be very dense at times (dumb blonde rep) so I dunno, Wendy would try to be friendly with your kids like she is to everyone, but possibly be looked down on by your kids?

Meanwhile Kyran is more reactive. His disposition toward others depends on how the other person behave toward and around Kyran. He's very observant of others as he's quite independent and reserved despite being a key athlete in the school (his dad also happens to be the school's athletic director). More info is in his profile in my sig about his interests and whatever. So I guess the way Kyran reacts is based on how you want your kids to act with him.
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