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That’s Really Super, Supergirl; Open!~~
Topic Started: Mar 22 2017, 05:44 PM (334 Views)
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Man, Bunny’s foot had been firmly rammed into her mouth. Hell, it was probably halfway down her oesophagus by now, along with the lead balloon of her comment. She could practically feel the burning sensation in her face from the sheer power of Kitty’s scowl. It was a little bit frustrating, honestly. She’d lent Kitty her umbrella, she’d talked with her, she’d been interested in her arty stuff, and then one mistimed comment and she was suddenly Kitty Enemy Number 1, or something.

But, she guessed, she only had herself to blame for this. Kitty had been, like, cool and all, but she hadn’t exactly been a bundle of laughs, or the sort to crack jokes, or anything like that. Maybe levity in the face of despair hadn’t been the right tactic this time round. Reading the room was something she still struggled with from time to time. Sometimes it was really tricky! Sometimes the room was totally stupid and had dumb opinions about anime!

But she wasn’t going to become a household name and worldwide superstar if she acted that way out loud (all the time), so, in hindsight, she really shouldn’t have cracked a joke about Kitty’s prized possession getting destroyed in front of her eyes.

Bunny quickly stuffed the tissues back into her pocket, and grabbed hold of the umbrella with both hands, shuffling closer to the other two girls so as to keep both Kitty and Apparently-Brigid dry.

“I’m, um, sorry about your book, Kitty,” Bunny said, in a tone like she truly meant it. “I hope it’s all right, but I could always help pay for a replacement if, uh, y’know…”

Bunny trailed off momentarily, looking up the road. The only thing that seemed to be driving their way was the rain.

“The bus should be here soon. I think. I mean, uh, I thought it’d be here soon ten minutes ago too, but this time I’m certain about it!”

Bunny gave both girls a big ol’ trademark Bunny Grin.
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"You don't need to apologize," Kitty said with a small smile, though still somewhat begrudgingly, "Whatever. No point crying over spilled milk, right?"

But this wasn't how she felt. She was still angry, and the redness on her face showed that. It was Bunny's fault for being where Bunny was, at the exact Bunny time, waiting for the bus that she probably set up to be late so that Bunny could be Bunny and Bunny all over the Bunny book and make it fall into the Bunny water and get all Bunny.

There goes lucidity.

Kitty sighed, stuffed the book even deeper into her pocket - the time for delicacy was over - and shrugged her shoulders. She was being completely ridiculous, in the suffocating rainy air, in front of a face she hadn't yet seen. There was some poetic garbage that she'd probably throw in front of this scene if it was a tumblr post or something, if she wasn't going to throw some shitty poem she wrote when she was five years younger on there and say how it sucked, but the exact words didn't come to mind right now.

The bus would be here soon. Bunny did another smile, and it was that that finally warmed Kitty's heart. She felt good, for the first time in a good fifteen minutes, about the outcome of things.

"Sucks to have to wait, but what can you do? It can't feel like that much longer now anyway..."

Inwardly, Kitty smirked. That would've been a nice caption on its own. A quote attributed to nobody. Maybe she'd do a post later after all.

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