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Unholy TV2 dating sim thread.; There is no god.
Topic Started: Feb 7 2017, 12:30 PM (774 Views)
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It’s time for the TV2 dating sim thread

Disclaimer: This may or may not even be a thing.

So MW reminded me that this was a thing, and it was a thing I 100% intended to do at least a tiny bit with at least the joke path fully playable. It’s lying around somewhere on my now defunct computer, but it’s cool because I didn’t get past the coding and it was on Ren’py which uses python scripting anyway. I'm now switching to tyranobuilder because it’s largely drag and click for a simple VN game.


“Holy balls, are we actually getting this? because I’m 100% stoked.” you say?

Well, it depends on who signs up for the project. I’m willing to do one or two routes but I’m probably going to invest my effort in what I do pretty well, which is the art assets and UI. Ideally I’d like some writers to join the project because that way it’s less of a massive undertaking. Otherwise it will most likely include one singular chapter and one ending (which is joek ending).

Setting wise it’s either in the actual TV game setting, where you’ll presumably have to survive with your person of choice with some sort of handwave to allow you both to survive or something. Or it’s in a school setting, where the schools have been merged also murder is involved, maybe. Depends on what most people prefer really. It should go without mentioning that the romantic sections will stay pretty PG while we stay very faithful to the violent aspects of the game.

Tonally, it doesn’t have to be super accurate and possibly it reads like unrepentant fanwork or those really cheesy dating sims that you find on mobile - think of a VN that isn’t self aware enough to realise it’s cheesy as hell. There’s one joke ending that could maybe be completed in a few minutes, depending on how fast you read. Please don’t do the joke ending unless you want to die alone with the baconnaise jar..

So what is planned?

An ending with some of the winners/finalists, provided their handlers give the permission to use them for this goofy and sinful project. A few endings with characters who did not make endgame but would have been important in character (fan favourites more or less). Ideally there will be four female characters, and four male characters. We won't decide the cast of the main date-ables until people sign up characters for use, but I'll also try squishing in a fair amount of cameos or maybe even antagonists out of the ones not selected.

The gender/appearance of the player character is not ever described in the game at all so the audience can project whatever the hell they want.

General paths more or less

  • Several agonizing deaths for you [Bad End]
  • Several agonizing deaths for your love interests.
  • Did I mention death?
  • 4 Male love interests.
  • 4 Female love interests.
  • 1 Joke ending.

  • A small team of scenario writers, I'm hoping that people will be handling one to two characters at most. Just comment below.
  • Maybe one person to help with the Javascript if things get technical, but I don't think we'll need it.
  • Your express permission as a handler to let us make this awful terrible parody, and your blessings as we potentially butcher your character in more ways than one. Of course, the scripts would be run by the handler more or less.

Party Members (writing team)

  • MW
  • Elena
  • Ciel
  • Naft
  • Yugi

Announced Wifus and husbandos.



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This is me confirming that, should you decide to use any of them, all three of my TV kids (Sidney, Bella, and Nina) I'm cool with you using for this. : D

This is cool! I can't wait to see the final product.
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Asa and Taylor are fair game for your use.

I can also do scenario writing for these two if needed.
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Ana doesn't mind being butchered.
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I am so in!

Volunteering as for any writing needed. Also volunteering Jewel for this project!

You can also have Austin if you want him, though I'm not precisely sure why you would.
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Anzu and Erik are both fair game, and I'm not sure if I can commit yet, but I'll tentatively express interest for writing some shit.
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Sarah is up for use (and so is Isaiah but let's be real)
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Edit: Now that that's out of the way, I'm totally available to be a scenario writer. I'm also currently learning Javascript so I can help with that if need be.
Edited by Ciel, Feb 7 2017, 10:16 PM.
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Cathryn and Damion are available for this thing too.
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Anybody I write is available for anything.

I'd also love to be a scenario writer.
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Michael is avaliable for use. I also display interest in being a scenario writer.
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Zoe's available.
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I'm also in! I recall this being a thing we talked about in like 2014. Man, perhaps the notes we had written down for the game are still available somewhere?
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I'm definitely up for letting Yagmur be in this! And can help with scenarios and stuff if you still need that.
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Feb 12 2017, 02:02 PM
I'm also in! I recall this being a thing we talked about in like 2014. Man, perhaps the notes we had written down for the game are still available somewhere?
Some of the notes are still available, RC. But most of them were deleted and wiped with the great death of my computer.

@Gianni, I'll see about bringing you into the project a little later we're running a discord.

We have half the roster chosen, we're just working out the rest. Announcement to be made when the character portraits are drawn up!
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