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SCDos Pawn Shop; Official Thread
Topic Started: Mar 7 2015, 05:25 PM (5,678 Views)
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I suppose Al's also up for grab once he bites the dust.
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I'll turn Super Saiyan and save Vale... but first, let me take a selfie.
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Bit of an update, in the form of an edited copypasta.

Remy Kim (note: had a twin sister in the game. It's up to you how you'd handle that detail)
Alexandria "Alex" Ripley
Holly Chapman
Kami Steele (just keep in mind she's an SI)
Nina Riddhi
Lana Torres
Jennifer Wallace
Junko Kurosawa

Only ask if you have specific ideas/new angles that I couldn't help but say "Sure!" to:
Kaede "Katie" Tanaka (was in Endgame)
Bella Bianchi (she died close to endgame, and to be honest it'd be a bit awkward for me personally)

Officially coming back:
Felicia LaChapelle
Miranda Millers (Sansa had her at first, but he decided against it. There's a 75% chance nowadays that I'll bring her back)

Claimed by other peepz:
Simon Leroy (Primrosette has him!)

Sidney Rice (was in SC1)
Carol Burke (was in SC1)
Aileen Borden (was in SC1, though written by Pippin)
Anna Chase (escapee, plus as you may recall I was a little "eh" about people adopting her for SC1)
Kami's Sidestories
Charlotte "Charlie" Pemberton- Female Student #??- "Um, hey... I know a lot about meat. How much do you want to cook yours?"

They will come back. They always do. We have a place for them.
Felicia LaChapelle (SC)- Female Student #022- Attempting first-aid to the soundtrack of an Eminem song.
Miranda Millers (SC)- Female Student #024- Pranking people not quite to death with a tire iron

In Loving Memory Of Those Killed in a Mini


Bake We'll just ask Elena to add a new area into the compound. "Siobhan's Cleavage" - The spaciously large cleavage of an overweight, promiscuous cheerleader who wants to go to Beauty School. THREADS ALLOWED: 8

12:40 Slamexo She [Sidney] sells trollin' and trollin' accessories

02:41 Medic Why does the world hate my racist jackass--wait that speaks for itself.

Click here for awesomeness. Your brain will be BLOWN. : D
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Similarly, here's my available cast:

Nina Clarke

Gwen O'Connor

Lucy Williams

Riley Parker

Henry Spencer

Not available:

My living kids (duh)

Theodore Fletcher (Paige has him)
TV2: Died, Didn't Do

SC2: Attempt Number Deux
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Five days, guys. Your last chance.

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