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SCDos Pawn Shop; Official Thread
Topic Started: Mar 7 2015, 05:25 PM (5,674 Views)
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Truths are final...
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Hidey ho there SOTFers! With TV2 coming down and the creation of the concepts thread, I've gotten express permission from the other staffers to open up this idea I've had for a while now. Similar to the interest check thread from SC1, this is where handlers can make their official offers and statements about which characters they're bringing for this version.

Here are some rules to follow:

* No new characters, no escapees, no winners, and no characters that have already been in SC1.

* As with last version, you may submit another handler's original character, but only with their express permission, no matter what.

* If you wish to handle an adopted character, it is best that you ask the original handler. If they are unavailable, the last handler who wrote them can work in a pinch.

Other than that, it's fair game. If you're here to open up your characters so that other handlers can use them, that's awesome! Here's some neat things we encourage you to do:

- Offers: Anyone can have this kid! Just ask.

- Pitches: Send me a cool idea of what you want to do with this kid! If I like it, they're yours!

- Trades: I'll give you one of mine, and you give me one of yours! If I think it's a good trade, it's all swell. (Note: This is not going to be staff enforced. Trades work on an honor system. Trades are also not pokemon cards. You can not trade another handler's characters they have given you unless they say you could. Otherwise, have fun.)
PV3 relationship thread! Say hi to my kids! ~
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Truths are final...
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All of my kids, literally all of them, are open to pitches and trades. No offers.


- RJ

- Venice


- Davis

- Ashley

I might be using Maxwell Sawyer this version, and I have permission from both Flare and Slayer to go ahead with it. Quotes for evidence:

I already responded to him, but yeah, I'm totally fine with the idea.

23:16 napoleon Cool though. I say go ahead.
PV3 relationship thread! Say hi to my kids! ~
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Mar 7 2015, 05:25 PM
no characters that have already been in SC1.
Does that mean, no characters that were in SC1 island, SC1 pregame or who were submitted for SC1 pregame? Because there were some characters who were submitted, but had no pregame nor island game, like Kris.

I'm gonna do the thing Dropbear did and will offer my only characters Gene and Forrest. You can just ask me. Unless I'm inactive or left the site, then, well, you have the permission to use them for SC2 and all future SC-versions without asking me. You just have to link to this post and then you have the free permission to use them. Awesome, right?

I guess I'm gonna try describing my characters, which is kinda hard for me, but well, the SC1 thread did that as well.

Gene: Video-game loving actor, who's actually not a nice person. Also interested in History and SOTF (well, he was from the TV-verse, so...I'm not sure whether he'd love SOTF in the SC-verse, where it just happened once. Your decision, I guess.).

Forrest: If you wanna write somebody who loves sports, Forrest would be a character I'd like to offer. He loves sports, batman, politics and is competitive, but is afraid of pain and stuff like that.

And well, I'm gonna do other people's kids. I have quotes as well! And in SC3 I'll probably may be able to offer you guys more than just 2 characters c:
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Truths are final...
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Does that mean, no characters that were in SC1 island, SC1 pregame or who were submitted for SC1 pregame? Because there were some characters who were submitted, but had no pregame nor island game, like Kris.

I'll check it over with staff! I can say, though, that no kids who were on the island are allowed.
PV3 relationship thread! Say hi to my kids! ~
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I shall offer all of my characters for free grabs. I don't care really who you are and what you got planned with them. Just drop me a line and I'll gladly give my okay.

[wiki links will be edited later, as my computer stops being a tard]

David Zimmer
Aileen Aurora Abdallah

Amanda White

Lisa Toner

Kids I Shall Take:
Vincent Holway, by Un-Persona

01:27 Christian Heya Persels
01:27 Christian Uh... how about I call dibs on Vincent?
01:28 Christian For SCdos?
01:28 Persy Sure thing.
01:28 Persy He was yours in the first place XD
Edited by Bikriki, Mar 29 2015, 12:33 AM.
Program v2
O F21: Amanda White DEAD (Hedge Clipper)

TV v2
Vincent Holway GIVEN AWAY (Bolo Knife) |>=<
Lisa Toner DEAD ||Ladies|Boys||

Amanda White ALIVELaing - Zeig Deine Muskeln
Vincent Holway DEAD
Summary: Vincent's meat gets engulfed by a warm hole, finished by a warm fluid entering his throat, the woman in question is impressed for once
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My kids below are all up for pitches! No trades, please, I have two for SCDos already.

Up for Sale:

Garrett Wilde

Alda Abbate(As far as I know, Casey is no longer on-site, but if she becomes reachable for permission and wants to handle Alda's use, I'll take this down.)

Joachim Lovelace


Vahka Basayev

Gabriel Munez

My SCDos Cast:

Bobby Jacks, with permission from the venerable Namira.

Maynard Francis Hurst, with the permission of the delightful Sansasaver.
TV-2 Kids
SCDos Kids

the highest honor i'll ever achieve

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I'm offering Garrett Cobbler and Brendan O'Toole. I have no standards.

I'm not sure if I have to specify this, but Yugikun can do whatever he wants with Michael Robinson.
PV3 Prologue

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*Katya wheeze*
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Here are the following kids I will allow people to play:


Rachael Langdon

Claire Monaghan

Program V2:

Louisa Bloom

I will be playing Sophie McDowell (V5) and Brigid Paxton (Program V2), so they're off limits.

I'm hesitant to offer Asa Rosen and Taylor DeVasher (both TV2) since I felt they had complete stories. However, if anyone really does want to play either of those guys and can give me a reason for why they want to and what they'd want to do, I'll be willing to listen and think it over.

But yeah, feel free to PM me if you're interested.
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Former characters
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Offers-Gwen O'Connor, Nina Clarke, Lucy Williams, Riley Parker, Theodore Fletcher
TV2: Died, Didn't Do

SC2: Attempt Number Deux
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Remy Kim (note: had a twin sister in the game. It's up to you how you'd handle that detail)
Alexandria "Alex" Ripley
Holly Chapman
Kami Steele (just keep in mind she's an SI)
Nina Riddhi

Only ask if you have specific ideas/new angles that I couldn't help but say "Sure!" to:
Kaede "Katie" Tanaka (was in Endgame)
Bella Bianchi (she died close to endgame, and to be honest it'd be a bit awkward for me personally)

Officially coming back:
Felicia LaChapelle
Lana Torres

Claimed by other peepz:
Miranda Millers (only request is that you find anime references to name her weapon(s) after. Gotta keep that a thing) (Sansa has her!)
Simon Leroy (Primrosette has him!)

Sidney Rice (was in SC1)
Carol Burke (was in SC1)
Aileen Borden (was in SC1, though written by Pippin)
Anna Chase (escapee, plus as you may recall I was a little "eh" about people adopting her for SC1)
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Kami's Sidestories
Charlotte "Charlie" Pemberton- Female Student #??- "Um, hey... I know a lot about meat. How much do you want to cook yours?"

They will come back. They always do. We have a place for them.
Felicia LaChapelle (SC)- Female Student #022- Attempting first-aid to the soundtrack of an Eminem song.
Miranda Millers (SC)- Female Student #024- Pranking people not quite to death with a tire iron

In Loving Memory Of Those Killed in a Mini


Bake We'll just ask Elena to add a new area into the compound. "Siobhan's Cleavage" - The spaciously large cleavage of an overweight, promiscuous cheerleader who wants to go to Beauty School. THREADS ALLOWED: 8

12:40 Slamexo She [Sidney] sells trollin' and trollin' accessories

02:41 Medic Why does the world hate my racist jackass--wait that speaks for itself.

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Heya, folks! I'm tossing most of my characters up for grabs, and anyone who wants them can have them (which is to say all are offers) with the slight caveat that I'd really like it if you PM me for confirmation so I can cross them off the list here and we don't have any accidental doubling up. But yeah, if you want anyone on this list, just PM me and they are yours. People who are off-limits and why will be at the end.

Up for grabs:

Off limits:
  • Anyone against the rules (survivors and escapees and my PV1 kids who were both in SC1 and so on)
  • Anyone I adopted. Unless, that is, you get the original handler's permission. But I wouldn't feel at all comfortable giving out someone else's character without their permission.
  • Samantha Reynolds from Evo (there's too much weirdness and baggage here, and with Evo on the whole, so this is the one valid kid I'm gonna no-go).

So yeah, if you want someone, just drop me a line. I'd put the claimed kids at like 75% gonna be taken now, but if you want one of them please let me know and if things fall through you'll be first in line. ^_^
Current characters:

The Program: V3 Prologue:
Mina Mashall - Digital Voice Recorder - Making a good impression - "I didn't know you felt so strongly about me."
Erik Bell - Jericho .941 - Having lunch - "May I?"

Assorted flora and fauna

EW4: Jewel Evans - Chatterbox Communicator Headsets (0/5) - Online - ELIMINATED - "Scars are just reminders to be better next time."

Past characters:

If you want an honest assessment of your character's storyline, feel free to PM me and I'll whip one up as soon as I am able.

Thanks to Bear/Frogue/Kotorikun/Ryuki for the avatar art.
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A Degenerate
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Natali Greer - Naft has rights at the moment but if he decides he wants to drop her for some reason, Natali is fair game for offers.

Pia Malone - I'm happy with how Pia's story turned out, but if you have a pitch for her, let me hear it!

Leaving Sebastien off the list for now, because I'm planning on bringing him back, but I'll post back here if that changes.
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master of sweg
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Hey guyssssss! So, I’m pretty much down for anybody having my babies – just PM me and give a lil’ reason about why you’d like to write them, and they’re 98% likely to be yours!

Up for grabs:

Off limits:
  • Maynard Hurst (Claimed by the wonderfully wonderful DocBalance! <3)

My SCDos Cast:
Current Characters:

The Program 2.5
M22 – Nicholas Rogers – Dark Chocolate Cheesecake
F26 – Theodora Smalls – Candelabra

Former Characters
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The Homeless Beard
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Hey gang. Here's my official SC2 cast:

Ethan Kent[, with the permission of Ruggahissy.

And I'm deciding between Natali and Aaron (backslash and MurderWeasel, respectively) which I'll have nailed down fairly soon. (Will edit this as necessary)

Folks of mine open:


Brandon Baxter
Matthew Weiss

Off limits:

Hansel Williams - Endgamer, and he has a pretty tight story that I'm very satisfied with.
Dougie Sharpe - Still currently alive.
Brandon Baxter is holding it all together. -- Keep it secret, keep it safe.
Kasumi White is writing her story. -- She could do this.

The Past

My Steam Stats
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How I Mod
[ *  *  *  *  *  * ]

Martha Stock - Hahaha, like anyone's going to want her.
Jasmine Stone
Chris Brooks
Yaz - Using her.
Chris Harlin - Try and track down Lexi, if not I'm cool with it.
Gray Emerson
Isaiah Hall
Sarah Bourne

So yeah just throw me a message if you want someone.
Dakota Hightower - - The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

G04: Yasmin "Yaz" Carrol - - I'm Dracula Bitch - "I'll be back as quickly as possible. I promise."
G19: Kris - - - - - - - Myopia

SOTF: The Program V2
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