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SCDos Concepts (?); Well, concepts as far as what characters you're thinking of borrowing
Topic Started: Feb 28 2015, 07:53 AM (1,050 Views)
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Title says it all, for the most part. What characters are you planning to use in SC2?

I, for one, don't have any plans yet, but am thinking of using a particular V1 character.
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Michael Maxwell for sure. Kid needs to be done right and Program V1 just wasn't his home.

Then either Tania Chell or Maria Hall. Leaning more toward Tania because I kinda like how Maria turned out even if her story is only two threads. (They are too though.)

I just wonder how to retool them. The Program and Virtual are pretty different. As different as can be from each other. And the ones I have in mind don't really seem like they belonged in their respective games. Or maybe even in any game period.

Eh, should be a nice challenge working them into interesting reimaginings.
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Just popping in here with a quick note:

Second Chances 2 will most likely have tweaked rules and regulations regarding the adoption/licensing of characters from other handlers to use. Until these rules/regulations are announced and set in stone by we the staff team, please use discretion when making plans.

That said, I'm hoping to have both character slots filled with other handlers' kids. If anyone would like to pitch me a few ideas, have at!
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I'm currently planning to bring back Richard Ormsby from Virtua. I'm probably gonna be putting all my eligible characters except the Evo one up for folks to grab. I think I promised a bunch to folks ages ago, but can't remember who. If one of them is you, please get in contact with me so I can not double-promise them to someone else when I put the official list up.

Also, what NAFT said.
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If I join up, Felicia's coming back.

Not sure about second, but after a bit of thought it may or may not be Lana.

I don't mind if anyone asks me about most of mine, for the record. So if you want to ask, ask!
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Had a change of heart about SC. I've admitted before, I'm not the biggest fan of the concept as I prefer playing fresh/new characters and planned to sit this one out. However I might play afterall.

I originally thought playing someone else's character after getting their permission would be the closest to trying someone fresh, but I thought to myself.... what if I use some of my own from the past instead and.... re-imagine them a bit differently? The possibilities I thought would have been neat. So I just might do that.
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There's a couple kids I might consider borrowing, but in all honesty it's likely to be Nina Clarke and Riley Parker. I just never had the opportunity to do with them what I think I could've.
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I've got V1 and V4 kids set up for this, James and Jack.

From what I've seen of discussions about SC on chat, it's gonna be great, people have been very enthusiastic about it and I feel it's gonna be something very interesting to look forward to.
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I'm not too sure if I'm even going to actually participate in SCDos, but if I do I'm throwing in Tori Gavlik from P2 and Natalia Kowalski from V5. Not too sure if I can do other people's characters justice >>


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I'm most likely going to bring Sebastien Bellamy back, though I haven't yet decided if I want to continue in the vein of his character development in TV2, or go more in the original direction I planned for him. I've got a couple characters belonging to other people that I'd be interested in, but I'll hold off on them until the rules are solidified.

Also Naft should totally bring Natali back.
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I'm gonna come out swinging with Gabriel Munez. Beyond that, I'll wait to see what's going on with the new rules.
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I'll probably do Sophie McDowell and Brigid Paxton. Sophie needed some focusing as a concept and a lot more grounding as an individual. Brigid had a lot of potential and not a lot of room to do things, so I think she'd be interesting to rework for a non-Program environment.
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I don't have anyone I'm really set on. Probably I'm going to try to grab up cool people from other handlers, and look to farm out my own kids. I'd like to see another take on KK from someone who knows her really well.
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Ohh, I'm really looking forward to SC2. You guys already have so many cool character.

I wanna use V1, V2 or V3 characters. I probably want to re-roleplay Lance and Kasumi with a partner, in case I find one.

I doubt I'll ever reuse my characters so all of them and my future characters are up for grab for free, because why not.
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Yaaaassssssss I’m so excitedddd for thissss! I’m planning on using Mimi’s Panya Bishara (I got permission from her awhile back but Imma double-check with her to make sure it’s still algood)! As for my kiddliwinks, all of ‘em (Maynard, Mirabella, Wilson, and Marcus) are all up for grabssssss! Just PM me about it if ya wanna hash something out! ^-^ I’m also looking for another lass to fill my other character slot, so if you have any ideas on that front for me then just PM meeeeeeeeee~ <3
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