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Get Motivated!; A HB1 oneshot.
Topic Started: Oct 1 2014, 05:35 AM (270 Views)
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((Nina Riddhi continued from Better to be Alone Than with Bad Company))

It was almost like a security blanket for her. That was the best way Nina could describe the familiar haze. She hated herself for going back, but it was too tempting. She saw it, she tried to walk away, but she came back.

And now here she was, spending the rest of the night in some Irish pub, resting her head on the bar table, a diminishing pint glass placed nearby.

She didn’t even like Guinness.

It only proved that it was pure dumb luck she was alive right now. Looking back, there were plenty of times she could have died had her life been going on the path it had been for longer. And there were plenty of moments she could have died here, too. Norma could have skewered her, Sissy god knows what. Bonnie almost did. Vahka was a nutcase, and she had remembered long after leaving the boardwalk that Corin had been on the announcement too, so maybe it was good she didn’t stick around in the end?

Nina didn’t pay attention to the announcements too much, come to think of it. Whenever they had come on, she kind of blanked. The names came and went, but she wasn’t able to process it. Some, like Vahka being a killer, managed to float on by. Even she, though, heard a name on it that was important. It was hidden inside a long list rapidly blurted out, but she could hear it.

The most horrible part was that she always thought Saachi had better chances than her. Saachi was smart. A little bit of a temper, but smart. If you had asked Nina before the game, she would always say that Saachi’s chances were good, if not great.

Maybe Nina should have been a better friend. All those nights, where she ended up crashing on her couch drunk and didn’t want her parents to see she had been drinking again? The times they separated here? Yeah, she wasn’t a good friend. Saachi was dead now because of it. She didn’t even catch the name of the killer.

If Nina had the chance to, she would do high school all over again. Never go to parties with the bad crowd, never drink, never do drugs, stay close friends with the people she already knew. Things would have been better if she just did the right thing from the get-go. She would give up anything to just get those years back, to study and hang out with people who saw her more as someone to party with. Hell, she was too proud to admit it until now, but she would have loved to go on a shopping trip with Saachi and Naomi and everyone else. Find cute clothes, get her hair and face done, all the things she found “too girly” before. She didn’t even care about looking good. Just being a normal girl. It was the one thing she realized too late.

But she couldn’t undo that, and she wasn’t sure what she could do now.

Nina was a drunk, a slut, a delinquent, a burnout. She wasn’t a winner, not of SOTF. There were people more competent, more in the know, than her. Nina? Nina had a broken arm, a reputation before that, and now she was drunk off her ass. Her chances were low. Whatever she could do with her life, it would be very little.

So now what? Well, she was drunk, so she couldn’t do much right now. But gah. She knew that it was going to happen sooner or later. Didn’t mean she didn’t still have a survival instinct. Or, for that matter, a desire to leave a good image. Nina had reminded herself constantly that she was currently being watched. Then again, it was difficult to forget when everywhere there were video cameras following her every move.

Right now, the world saw her as some drunk, sitting inside an Irish pub and just waiting to get shot or whatever. It was what they wanted, didn’t it?

They wanted to see death.

Nina again remembered the snake. How the group of kids just laughed as a kid smashed a boa’s head open. When she saw it, it was high up on one of the most disturbing things she had watched in her life. Nina had to ask “How could you watch something like this? How is it funny?” Probably not like that, but pretty much the same.

And the questions she got back were “Why the snake? Why not the kids? They die all the time!”

Again, they said this while laughing.

Nina had just stood there, fuming. Her mama had tried not to talk about her work too much, but sometimes details slipped out or she would talk about it because it got a little exhausting. One time a dog had been abandoned, and brought in by people who found him. He was starving and had serious mange. Another story she had told, this time early in her career in Whitree, involved a cat that had been beaten so badly that an eye was swollen shut. She also couldn’t help but remember how Barkley had been rescued from a dog fighting ring, and how when they first got him he seemed so skittish and scared. He opened up over time, but it takes time to recover from that sort of thing. Ruby didn’t do so well either. The box of rabbits was found on the side of the road. Mama guessed it was because the litter was unexpected and the owner didn’t know what to do with them. When they were found, it had been a few days without food or water. It was a miracle they lasted that long. Luckily all the rabbits found homes, including Ruby. It was always so strange and horrifying for Nina to imagine, to think of the kind of people who would mistreat animals. The idea of laughing at a snake’s death was too much for her.

But maybe the problem wasn’t just the snake. Maybe it was something more in there. She remembered how she stood there, feeling angry that someone could find the idea of something living getting killed in a gruesome way.

In a way, the snake and every single kid here wasn’t much different. People were probably going to laugh just like they did when it became her turn. It would be something funny to joke about at lunch or at parties. They probably already did with Saachi.

And that sickened Nina. Even when she was drunk, she could still feel disgust.

“Fuck”, she mumbled against her left arm.

She slid upwards, feeling the now familiar ache against her body. Just on the other side of the bar, she saw a red light. Her eyes narrowed.

“Hey… um…” she slurred. “Ya wanna know… what would be a better show?”

The camera didn’t respond. Of course it didn’t.

“Survival of the…” she thought for at least a minute. Nina felt like she was about to fall off the barstool. “… people who do nice shit for each other.”

Wouldn’t that be a better show? Just a bunch of people, getting kidnapped but instead of killing each other they just did a lot of nice things for them. Got them Christmas gifts, helped them with their English homework, shit like that. She’d watch it. Probably better than what happened on SOTF each season. At least people didn’t die.

“I mean, you fucks want to see death. I dun wanna die. I diddin want to see my friends die either. But you morons…”

Now she had no clue where she was going with this. Nina sighed, and placed her head against the bar a second time.

When she lifted her head again, Nina found her head pounding. For a second, she almost reached up with her right hand, only to be stopped by the loosening sling and another sharp pain. Turning her head, she saw that time had passed since she passed out now. She could tell by how bright outside was. Too bright, even for night. Nina squinted. Maybe she should have gotten sunglasses when she was gathering up supplies.

Nina pulled herself off the bar stool, her head pounding with each movement. Unzipping her bag placed at her feet, she searched for the headache pills and the souvenir water bottle she had filled with tap water. Her hand shook as she tapped out two pills, and, with a swig of water, swallowed them.

It was going to take a while until they worked. It was tempting to go hair of the dog, but Nina didn’t want to do that again, as much as she was thirsty for it.

Nina felt her bones ache as she stood up, gulping more of the tap water. It wasn’t good, but it did the job. However, the same red light got her attention again.

She only vaguely remembered finding her way inside here, to hide from the cold, and how she got drunk. Wait, she also said something else…

Oh. That was actually a thought. They wanted to watch them die, right? They wanted something to laugh at and talk about over the water cooler. But there was one thing she could do. It wouldn’t bring Saachi or anyone else back. But it would be something.

“I’m not playing”, she said quietly.

It was something hard to get out with all the pain, but she had to say it.

“I’m not playing”, she repeated. “This… this is what you want? I’m not… not giving you it.”

Nina slid back onto the stool, staring intently into the camera.

“We’re supposed to give a shit when… um, people die. It’s okay when it’s on TV? Why?”

The lens slowly focused on her, as if it was vaguely interested.

“I’m not killing. I’ve fucked up my life already. I want… I want…”

For a moment, Nina felt her eyes tear up.

“To leave a good impression. To have people… fuck… say nice things about me. They don’t say nice things about murderers.”

She smiled, but she felt the tears run down her face. Nina wasn’t sure if it was because of the amount of pain or something else.

“Mama, Papa. I’m sorry I’ve been so horrible. I’ve tried, but it’s not enough. But this time, it’s for… it’s for real. I’m not playing. That’s… final. I know I’m gonna die soon. Ever since what happened with Bonnie… I knew. Maybe… maybe before that, know what I’m saying? It’s gonna happen. If someone wins… it ain’t me.”

Nina felt herself breath harder, almost gasping. Look at her, sobbing like a baby. She usually didn’t like crying like this. Too unlike her.

“I’m not… I’m not gonna give up. They’d want that too. They probably want me to… I dunno, pull my collar or my bandana… or something. I know what I can do, though.”

She felt silly saying it, but here it went.

“I’ll try to be a good person from now on. It’s what this game… it’s what it needs. People tune in to watch people… yeah. I’m not giving them that. Instead, I’m thinking of… of something else.”

Nina paused, rubbing her forehead. It sounded silly. Was silly. But she needed to say it. It was something she had to.

“I’m gonna help people. If I have to… I might as well go out without being… uh, stupid and weak. I don’t know what I could do here, or even if people want it, but I’ll do what I can. I’m not going to kill a… a goddamn thing. I’m gonna help people. It’s something I’m gonna do.”

For another minute, she stared into the camera, then added one more thing.

“Now if you excuse me… I have to go piss”.

Nina slid away from the stool, and dragged herself to the bar’s bathroom in the back. Once she closed the door behind her, she saw her reflection. She was clearly hung over and bruised up, no doubt. But the wet streaks on her face said it all.

When she was back, Nina put the water bottle and pills back into her bag, and slid the strap over her aching shoulder. The sling holding her right wrist was loosening a lot, so she told herself to fix it as best as she could later.

Oncee more, she looked back at the camera.

“By the way… Mr. and Mrs. Nidal… I’m so sorry. And thank you. I’ll miss Saachi.”

Looking around the bar, she knew she had been saying a lot, but it was one more thing.

“I promise… I promise that was my last drink. I’m never coming back here. Ever.”

Nina pulled open the door, almost immediately getting a flash of white brightness and cold. She winced, but she stepped out anyways.

There were places she needed to go. She wasn’t sure where, but it had to be somewhere. Nina gave one last look at the sign hanging above the door. “O’Connor’s Pub”, it was called. She wasn’t sure if she would break her promise anyways, but chances were good she wouldn’t have to worry anyways.

But before any of that happened, she needed to be someone other than a drunkard or coward. She needed to do the right thing.

((Nina Riddhi continued in Makeup))
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