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A New Morning; Open
Topic Started: Mar 11 2014, 06:45 PM (2,168 Views)
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Cathryn's tooth dug into her lip as the two continued talking. They were taking so long. Honestly, she felt both terrified and annoyed. Her flamingo wouldn't be able to fight off a toddler, for one. It could distract and cause a bruise, but not really injure. Yes, she was near the doors, but if they pursued her?

Also, trust was something that Cathryn didn't give often, and the thought of having of stepped on so early was enough to make her blood boil a little. She wanted someone to rely on.

And then Naomi spoke and offered Cathryn some company for a while.

She'd be lying if she said that all her doubt had just gone away. The thought remained, and made her a bit worried and more wary of Naomi, but there was no better option. She'd be hard pressed to find an ally from Whittree, and she wasn't even sure if the few who would ally with her were here, or on the same team. Heck, she wasn't even sure if her own team, wherever they were, would ally with her. Last season showed that wasn't something to be taken for granted. Running out into the snow was suicidal. Hence, she had no choice but to stay with them. Honestly, she was just happy that someone would let her tag along.

She waved her hand at Chris and followed, without another word.

((Cathryn Bailey continues in Don't You?))
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Well, it was decided, then.

Christopher still had some doubts, but... it was still the best plan for both of them to survive.

It said a lot when their best case scenario involved his girlfriend going on a large killing spree.

He hefted the shotgun and nodded to Cathryn, acknowledging her wave, before following Naomi away from the hotel.

((Christopher Schwartz continued in Kill Your Heroes))

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