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Countdown; EW2: START (Open!)
Topic Started: Mar 10 2014, 09:30 PM (1,607 Views)
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Her teammate and glowering acquaintance said nothing as the girl left with a barely audible "Bye."

She was tempted to take Damion by the wrist and get on their merry way but she didn't for fear that the heavily armed girl was on her way back to take advantage of her easy access to shooting targets. The silence was weighing down on her, but she was afraid to say anything, lest she say something wrong. She didn't feel like pissing Jaxon off any more than he already was. The primadonna comment, while intended to lighten the mood had made things tense and she felt claustrophobic inside of everyone's gaze. The last thing she needed was an enemy at this point in the game.

Say something smart you idiot.

Smoothing back her strip of hair, she looked at Damion. The only other person in the room that wasn't obligated to kill her.

"Should we ah... Should we find the others? I mean like, the other people on our team?"

Of course you should, don't be stupid Isabel.

Keeping her eyes constantly on Jaxon she took Damion by the wrist and leaned into his ear.

"We need to go."

((Continued in Lifdoff...))


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"Shut up, shut up, shut up."

Damion covered his ears and closed his eyes, because his mentor chimed in at the worst possible time. Sure, maybe Randall knew a thing or two about SOTF, but advice wasn't what he needed now, especially if it was about killing 'degenerates'. He needed calm, order, reason, things people usually took for granted in a normal situation. But it seemed like Damion would get none of that. It was clear that after Isabel's comment, Jaxon wasn't on their side, and the poor girl was getting scared off also. There was no salvaging this situation.

He looked up and noticed the people around him giving weird looks. Probably wasn't the brightest idea to tell his mentor to shut up. Also, the cameras were looking at him. This had a decent chance of getting on TV. Think before you speak, Damion.

"Sorry, wasn't aimed at you guys. And yeah, we really should go."

Without another word, he followed Isabel and left the area.

((Damion Castillo continues in Lifdoff))
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There was so much weird and wrong here Jaxon wasn't sure where to start. So, for the first time in forever, he stayed silent.

He was silent when their mentor came in and told the two kids that they should kill Jaxon and get him out of the way because he was a degenerate. Lovely. What a way the human race had come.

Then, once the only tolerable person was gone, Isabel decided to act like Jaxon was a raving lunatic ready for revenge, as though he was ready to pounce on them like a panther and tear them to shreds with nary a moment's notice. All the while ignoring the actual raving lunatic behind her.

And soon after that, Jaxon was on his own again. He took a few minutes to let the past few ones sink in. The one good person he'd found so far who wasn't off her rocker was gone and the two dangerous ones were close behind her. He was stuck at a resort with a lot of people like Isabel and Damion, others like Leah, and the rest probably being his friends. Aidan, Sebastien, Will, Taylor, Bella, and a bunch of other people who just lay outside of the Safety Net Bitches circle that he wasn't going to publicly name yet.

Jaxon ran his finger across his bandana tie. He soon felt the collar underneath. His finger lingered, and he too realized he had a person behind him sitting in safety. Jaxon wasn't sure whether he'd be able to ask for anything specific, like who else he knew was on his team, or what they had, or if he had a plan to get them all out alive, but maybe... maybe they knew what he should do.

He tapped lightly on his collar and cleared his throat.

"Hey...whoever this is on the other end of this. This is Jaxon, you know, the gay kid. On your team. Dark blue I think. Do I have a number or letter or something?...anyway, just wanted to see if you were up there and, like, if you had any advice for me. Like, if I should be hiding, waiting it out, or finding my other team people, or..."

Jaxon paused, and for a moment he remembered a certain line in the introduction that stuck out to him for all the wrong reasons. He didn't want to say it because he wasn't going to do it, but he needed someone else's opinion, if he was going to get it.

"...or if you think I have any chance of getting ten kills?"
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"Nothing? Really? Well fuck you too, honey."


Jaxon still wasn't sure how to feel about one of his friends being dead.

Rather than scamper off into the unknown as the sun set, Jaxon stayed in the gift shop, locked the door and got some sleep on the carpet and his bag. It was probably the worst patch of sleep he'd gotten in his life, but at least it was something. There were gigantic latex boobs in his bag to help rest his head, though, which made it a better pillow than someone who'd just gotten a plain, boring, drab dress.

He'd been woken by the announcements, and the moment Jaxon had been dreading since the moment he woke up had arrived. He hadn't prepared to hear Aidan or Will or Sebastien or Taylor's names up there yet, and if they did show up it was going to be a mess.

Of course, he did hear names he'd recognized. He heard Davis, Austin, Isaiah and Lucy, which shook him but not by much. He heard Damion, and he barely cared, especially since he'd been part of the duo that threatened him when he woke up. The real hard names to swallow came next.

Lisa Toner. He'd had classes with her. They were friendly. Fashion club, drama club, both clubs they shared and now this girl he'd spent time with was gone.

But of course the biggest shock came from the second name. Taylor. One of his best friends. Someone pushed him off a tower, he never caught who. Jaxon lay there on the filthy carpet listening to it over and over in his head. Taylor was dead. He felt hollow inside, like someone had frozen him in place, scooped out his innards with a melon baller and served it to a starving child. How the fuck was this even possible?

Oh, of course he knew how it was possible. This was SOTF. He was on it. Taylor was on it. And Taylor was no longer on it.

The real shock from the announcement wasn't his death, though. It was the description that caught him. Jaxon stood up once it had finished and was fuming.

"REALLY? 'Most flamboyant'? I'm standing right the fuck here and somehow I'm not the most flamboyant one on this season? Give me a fucking break! BITCH, IF I WAS ANY MORE FLAMBOYANT I WOULD PISS GLITTER AND SHIT SEQUINS! Taylor fucking DeVasher was a goddamn hashtag masc hashtag dom hashtag top compared to me! Jesus fucking Christ."

He wasn't so much fuming over that anymore. He was more fuming over the fact that he felt as though he hadn't even been considered as a contender. He was sure the cameras were ignoring him, and his mentor hadn't gotten back to him after his plea hours before.

"So, what, like, I'm your little black sheep of this game, really? You just gonna ignore me?", Jaxon yelled. He was half at the cameras, half into his collar. He was sure that whoever it was on the other end of either didn't give a fuck about him. Was he not, quote, entertaining teevee, unquote? Fuck that noise.

"Fine. Whatever. I'm done with this scene."

But all the swearing and yelling and misdirected emotion in the world wasn't blocking out the fact that Taylor was dead. He pulled his head into his chest and choked back a scream. He wasn't aggressive but there were times he just didn't feel like being strong, didn't feel like keeping his head up. He just wanted to fall onto the ground and throw a tantrum over this fucking insane mess he'd been dragged into kicking and screaming.

But he couldn't, because to hell if the last thing any of those goddamn assholes who judged him for his lifestyle were getting the satisfaction of laughing at another fag. No sir.

So he straightened himself up, collected his neatly scattered belongings, and went on one more walkabout. Hopefully that'd be the last he ever saw of that shop.

((Jaxon Street continues in Get Out of the Kitchen))
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