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SOTF-TV Fanservice Costume Rules and Claim Thread; All TV V2 folks, read and post!
Topic Started: Feb 22 2014, 12:16 AM (2,372 Views)
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*Katya wheeze*
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That sounds fine. Taylor can be goth loli.
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Princess Dress for Anastasia. (Thinked pimped out dress, totally glitz and glam and other adjectives describing overfashioned)

Impracticality FTW!
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Fundoshi for Lukas.

Tiger striped tube top & short shorts for Angie.

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Top hat and cape for Shawn. Not sure how much glitter it'll have yet, but I'm thinking a lot.

And for Alice, I hadn't given it thought till now but I'm thinking little red riding hood. Because why not?
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Military uniform in the style of imperial Germany for Vincent.

19th century swimwear for Lisa.
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Seashell bikini for Cathryn : D

I'll post again once my other character's up.
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Genni: Basketball Jersey and Shorts with the logo of the "Tune Squad" from Space Jam. Back of the Jersey reads BUGS, with the number 1 underneath.

Eden: Jean Grey Phoenix costume
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Playboy bunny and police officer costumes for Bunny and Lucia.
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Pimp suit (team colour maybe?) and Banana Suit
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A (Not entirely accurate until i update the image a bit) Admiral uniform for Corin. It's a basic boots, gloves, pants, shirt, hat and coat combo, mostly in a dark navy colour. No sword or toy sword included, ((maybe a thin bendable flimsy plastic scabbard if it's allowed, the plastic will crack as the scabbard is melded into the belt if he tries to remove it.))
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I was convinced to do a silly fanservice costume.

Claiming sexy harlequin for Naomi.
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Also with the silly - Big Bird costume minus the head. ^^


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Eh, screw it.

Rainbow Dash suit (minus the head) for Colin.
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Dee's gonna get a Cowgirl outfit. It's going to consist of some daisy duke shorts, a pair of cowgirl boots, and a top that's tied up to reveal her midsection. Because she's so short, it would probably be a child's outfit, making the sex appeal kind of... unsettling.

Aidan's gonna get a Liberace outfit. Behind the candleabra indeed. It consists of a garish robe, complete with cape and feathered collar.
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Lily's going to be getting a gimp suit (minus the mask because Toben sucks).

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