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Ultra; One Shot/Memory
Topic Started: Oct 22 2013, 01:41 AM (278 Views)
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((Davis Todd -Memories- Start))

This was his.

This night, this ride, this hair, this feeling.

His eyes narrowed, focusing past the disappearing light and street signs.

His left hand drummed a rhythm with his thigh, sending all kinds of waves flowing. He clenched it into a a fist and shot it high into the air, holding it there as his very own masterpiece span around his head.

He nodded along, smirking and glancing at the girls on the sidewalk he saw staring.

He had done nothing all day, but he had already made it a good one. All on a whim.

An empty lot, spotted. And like that, an opportunity.

360 degrees, numerous times. Doughnuts, as the layman would say it. His tires screeched as his excitement grew larger and stronger, scrawling circles on the pavement. He thought he saw smoke at some point.

Suddenly, lights.

His pupils enlarged as did the whites of his eyes. He needed to be gone.

The lights seemed to be chasing him, across every street, corner, block.

Home. Home was safe. Just beat the lights home. He just needed to be faster, somehow.

Breath was slowing, sweat on his forehead swelling.

Garage was open. He tore through the streets, bumping into the sidewalks. He parked in the garage. The lights had not yet come.

He entered into his house. He was realizing what a miracle was. Enlightenment had to wait.

"Where have you been?"



"You know you don't need to be out this late."


A light had flickered outside. He smirked again. She shook her head.

"Whatever, just get back earlier, eh? You're still nine."

He nodded his head, words replaced by the drumming of his thighs as he walked back to his room.

He inspected all the walls and posters, something new about them as he renewed his experience of air conditioner.

He flopped onto his bed, staring up at the ceiling. His fists made themselves into fists and rose to their greatest length.

This night was still his.

((Davis Todd -Memories- Continued in Too Close To The Sun))
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