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The Hecate Sisters; Open
Topic Started: May 17 2013, 10:51 PM (2,081 Views)
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It was brilliant and elegant in its simplicity. Kyle had misunderstood Louisa's intentions at first. He assumed her message was intended for the Program overseer. Thankfully it was meant for just the two of them.

Kyle nodded his head in agreement. He then destroyed the message by smudging the dirt with his foot. "We better get going, it's definitely not safe here anymore. But before that..."

He removed his jacket one last time, went over to Carlyle, and removed his final shirt. He gently placed it over the boy's body, covering Carlyle's head. He then knelt, took his hand once more, and bowed his head. "God, if you're listening, tell my brother here that he can rest easy. He's done his part."

With that he put on the jacket the organizers gave him again. It was funny that each time he did so, he resented it. Having to put it back on just to keep warm. He still did, to an extent because it was a symbol for the bastards that put him here. But knowing it was the last time he would remove it and put it back on was funny. He felt cold underneath it, no more of his own shirts to keep him warm.

But it wasn't the kind of cold that his fallen comrades had known.

That, he hoped, would come at a time of his own choosing.

"Well, time to get moving again." He went where his feet took him. He didn't know where he was going, and for once he didn't care. He just went along his way.

((Kyle Williams continued in Earthen Spirit))
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Well, it looked like Kyle wasn't too upset by the idea, at least from what Louisa could tell. They couldn't talk about it out loud, so it would be hard to gauge his response. Then again, he didn't react with disgust or give her a look of shock. She had to hope that he could at least see her point of view.

Louisa watched as he covered up the message and put a shirt over Carlyle's body. She couldn't imagine how could Kyle had to be feeling right now. He kept giving up shirts to cover the dead, and now he was just down to his coat. He was brave and kind, something Louisa was proud to have in a friend.

After Kyle gave a prayer to Carlyle, Louisa moved over Carlyle and leaned close to his ear.

"Don't worry," she whispered. "We're going to be fine. Just rest now. Thanks for being a great friend. I love you."

Louisa kissed Carlyle on the forehead. She got up and began to follow Kyle as they left. The end was getting close, and they were probably close to less then ten students. She hoped the next few hours of the game wouldn't be so painful.

((Louisa Bloom continued in Earthen Spirit))
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