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Mother Bird; The Lost Children go into the Urban Jungle
Topic Started: Aug 5 2012, 04:24 AM (1,923 Views)
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Dylan grinned at Louisa, the sun glinting off her braces and making her smile seem even brighter. "Oh, I know you and Flipskie aren't ignoring me. I'm just saying, Maxi-Pad calling out the Prez for ignoring people like me while ignoring people like me... well... y'know.

"Also, I'm sure the government would be interested in hearing criticism on their policies from a sixteen-year-old with no military experience. Because of course he'd know so much better than a militant organization, right?"

Dylan, once again, didn't respond to the comment about her fitting on stage with Al Jolson. What was Louisa implying? That she was acting like a caricature of a black person? Like hell she was. Her ears got brighter red, but she didn't respond because she didn't know how to respond to something so... she's the one who's asinine!

And then Maxim started his speech about why America sucks. Did he even listen to what I just said? I tell him to be careful who he says this stuff to and then he immediately unloads his unpatriotic opinions on the school president? Translate this into adult life and he'd be shot on the spot.

Well, it was official. There was no getting through to Maxim. Dylan filled the time during his rant by tracing patterns into the sand with the tip of her shoe.

"That's quite a mouthful, Maxi-Pad," Dylan said slowly, once Maxim had finished. “I'm sure memorizing something you probably found on an anti-war pamphlet in the nigger part of town took up most of your brain capacity. Odd for a guy that wears so much red, white and blue.

"I mean, if I wanted to get into a debate about America's method of dealing with things... well, where the war is concerned I figure that if we didn't make fighting compulsory, then the ones that didn't fight would become complacent and lazy, and then when someone attacked us we'd just be wandering around like a bunch of headless chickens. Which I hear is pretty much what happens to the places we're fighting with. We're just making sure we're the strongest. And if you say--" Dylan put on a high-pitched, naive-sounding voice, "'But they wouldn't attack us if we weren't such douchebags'... well, then you're an idiot, because people always fight. Conflict's in our nature. So we might as well be the winners."

Dylan kept fiddling with her camera, then raised it and snapped a picture of the three in front of her. She didn't snap a picture of Callison. Some people didn't like having their photos taken without permission and she didn't want to offend him.

"Anyway, if other countries were as great, then we wouldn't constantly kick their asses." Dylan clicked a couple of buttons on the back of her camera and started cycling through the snapshots she'd already taken. "But what do I know. I'm just a self-hating half-breed, according to you guys. But, let's say I really am a nigger. Tell me one reason I should be proud of it, eh?"

Dylan cycled through the photos to one she'd just taken of the three. She turned it around and showed it to the three of them. "You know, you guys are quite photogenic. I mean, Flipskie not so much, could use a bottle of vodka or something to complete the picture, but whatever. By the way, Prezzy, if you punch Maxi-Pad about his anti-patriotic opinions, can you do it at an angle that'll allow me to get a good photo?"

Dylan stepped back a little and shifted her position so that she had a good angle of view on whatever happened next. It was difficult to take photo references of people having an argument.
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Brian stood there in silent fury as he listened to Maxim badmouth the country that he loved with all his heart. Every baseless accusation, every blasphemous lie, all of it was the ramblings of a moronic fool with no respect for how good he had it.

Xenophobic? Narrow-minded? Wrong? What kind of garbage is this?

Brian was thoroughly angered by Maxim's slander of their homeland. He refused to stand idly by while some fool defiled everything that he held dear.

"Listen very closely, Maxim. If America was doing things wrong, than would we be the most powerful country in the world? We have to be tough with the other countries to let them know who's in charge. And this 'xenophobia' nonsense you're whining about? That's just life. The superior rise to the top, and the inferior sink like the scum they are. If you don't like that, then you can just keep crying, because things are never going to change." Brian tried to sound calm and collected during his response, but his anger did a good job of nullifying that.

Brian leaned in a little closer to Maxim as he continued to speak. "Besides, you should watch your mouth. My dad has connections with the government. If I told him or any of his contacts what you said, then you would end up imprisoned at the very least." Brian honestly wasn't sure if they would arrest Maxim or not, but he wanted to drive a point home about not disrespecting America. Besides, if he was president, all slander would be punishable by prison time, no matter who said it.

Brian stepped away from the table. He didn't want to share the park with an Anti-American. He called over his shoulder to the rest of the group. "I believe I will be taking my leave now. Good day, girls. Hopefully you don't end up as anarchists like your friend there."

Brian walked away and left the park. He had better things to do than counsel some revolutionary, anyway.

((Brian Meyerhold Callison continued elsewhere...))

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(No issues, Jim)

Tori reluctantly shoved her money in her pocket as Louisa told her off. It was almost reflex to poke fun at Dylan and her ethnicity, it was funny to see her fluster. She was well aware that she was being a massive hypocrite and spent the rest of the time standing in the shadows, silently agreeing with whatever Maxim and Louisa said.

"Louisa, Tori, could we just go? I'm not in the mood to deal with all of this." Maxim asked them both uneasily. This wasn't the best way to end their outing, but anything was better than having Dylan around them.

"Yes, we should go." Tori agreed. "Let's leave these two alone." Motioning towards Dylan and Callison before beginning to walk away. "Hey, Maxim, do you need a ride home? I could drop you off." Tori said as she began the slow trek towards the parking lot. Lost Children, disassemble!

(Tori Gavlik continued elsewhere...)


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Louisa felt disgusted. Now Maxim, Dylan, and Bryan were all arguing about their views on America and the military. Part of why she wasn't as vocal about her opinions was that she found these sort of arguments to be problematic. They don't allow both parties to be open to new ideas, and no one leaves enlightened or willing to accept certain points from the other sides. Maxim would probably leave thinking "America is fucked up," while Dylan and Bryan would leave thinking "America is the greatest ever," and they would completely ignore the other side.

Fortunately, Maxim wanted to leave. Louisa was ready to go. Bryan was also ready to go. He did make some cracks about turning Maxim in, but she knew he wouldn't. People like Bryan wouldn't really turn Maxim in. She was certain he just wanted to see Maxim squirm a bit. Maxim wasn't a real threat to the country, and Louisa knew that Bryan probably was aware of that as well.

Tori was also ready to go as well. Louisa stood up and grabbed her bike.

"Okay, let's head out."

That's when she realized that Dylan was still there. It couldn't hurt to give Dylan something to think about, so she turned to Dylan.

"Have a nice day, Dylan. By the way, you look really pretty in the sunlight. It's a shame you spend so much time in darkness."

Louisa began to push her bike to catch up to Tori and Maxim. Tori was offering to give Maxim a ride home.

"Actually, let's not go home yet," Louisa said. "We can't end our day having dealt with jerks like those. Come on, Maxim's finally out, we're alive and happy, so we should celebrate. So, I say that we all go to Bloom's, and I will make us a very fine pizza. Any kind you guys like, my treat."

Louisa got close to her friends.

"My dad says that a pizza shared between friends and family is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. Frankly, my friends, I subscribe to that philosophy. So, let's all pile in Tori's van and go there. I think my bike will fit."

Even if they decided to not go to Bloom's, Louisa didn't care. She had good friends, a great home, and plenty to be grateful for. That was enough for her.

((Louisa Bloom continued in The Problems of Three Little People))
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((GM-ing approved by Medic))

Maxim ignored Callison's words. He was wrong. Callison was wrong. He had to be wrong. He felt himself shrinking a little as Callison's words reverberated around his skull. He tried to shrug them off as he turned away from him, indicating he stopped his conversation with him. A tiny part inside him shook as it yearned for him to be friends with Callison again. However, that part was quickly snuffed out as he realized that Callison was taking his leave.

"Oh. He's gone..." Maxim said quietly to himself as Louisa approached the two of them with her bicycle. He briefly touched the bandanna on his head and rubbed his head, feeling the fabric on his head. It felt odd. He never really thought about the implications behind wearing it. He just wore it out of convenience. He stood for a moment as he barely listened to what Louisa said. It was then that he remembered Dylan.

"Pizza sounds good actually. You two go ahead." Maxim said to the two of them, his mind somewhere else as he made his way back to where Dylan was standing. For a moment he just stood there, trying to find the words in his mind to convey the feelings he felt. Dylan was annoying. She was really annoying and stupid when it came to racial discrimination. However, no matter how much of a prick she was, Dylan was still an ethnic minority. She was still racially discriminated and while she may be in denial about it, Maxim reckoned that there was good within her.

"You need to take a good look at yourself Dylan." Maxim told solemnly as he walked up to her and tried to take her camera from her. While she did offer a little resistance, Maxim was still able to overpower her and he eventually succeeded in ripping the camera off of her. Looking at the camera for a moment, he put it up to his face and took a photo of Dylan.


After looking at the photo he took for a moment, he turned off the camera and took out the memory card inside it. He then launched the camera into the water. He couldn't be completely sympathetic to her. She pissed him off with her constant blathering and Maxim felt she needed a little payback. While he could've done much worse, at least he didn't destroy all of her photos. That would just be too cruel, even for him.

"Take a look at yourself for a while. You can try to deny it all your life, but you'll never get away from it. It's not a curse. It's a blessing." Maxim calmly said to her as he walked up to her and gave her the memory card. After giving her a flash of a smile, Maxim turned and ran after his friends.

"You'd better put a whole lot of Pepperoni on that pizza Louisa!" Maxim exclaimed as he let the smile fully play out on his face. He hoped Dylan took the hint. It would suck if she didn't.

((Maxim Senders continued in The Problems of Three Little People))
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Unfortunately, Callison left without punching Maxim in the face. Pity, those sort of photo opportunities were so rare. Not without letting off some threats about telling his dad all about Maxim's unpatriotic opinions, and how it'd get him imprisoned or something. Dylan watched Callison leave before gesturing at his back and saying, "See, that's what I meant about being careful to who you yell that stuff at. Tattletales are everywhere, y'know?"

Dylan absently wandered if that's what her dad had done. Yelled about America sucking at the wrong person. Grandma had been vague on the subject, and Dylan didn't really remember the details of the 'why you have no parents' talk that well any more.

Then they started to leave as well. Great, that meant she could carry on with taking the photos she wanted to get, and then maybe she could work on some nice artwork based off what she got.

Louisa made some weird comment about how she looked good in the sun. ...What the fuck did that mean? Was it some dumb poetic way of saying 'embrace your true self and blah blah blah?' Who knew.

"Can't you speak plainly for once, Minstrel?" Dylan muttered. "Just one bloody time..."

And then Maxim started on with it as well. What the hell was with everyone today? Embrace this and look at that and---MOTHERFUCKER, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY CAMERA?

Before Dylan could even properly react to him yanking the camera from her goddamn hands Maxim had thrown it into the water. Dylan could only splutter for a few moments in response. The nerve of... how could... the FUCK?! He handed back her memory card and said some horseshit about how not being able to get away from herself was a blessing and then motherfucker just strolled off!

That camera had been a birthday present a couple of years back from her grandma. It wasn't the newest model, but goddammit that was HER camera. She had a fucking attachment to it! And now it was fucking waterlogged in the fucking ocean because of that fucking future anarchist.

"You... YOU ARE A BITCH!" Dylan screamed after him, unable to find any other words. And by the time she came up with even that much they were all long gone. Dylan waded into the water to try and salvage her camera. She found it eventually, but it only took a cursory look to see that the thing was damaged beyond all repair.

"Mother... motherfucker..." Dylan scrubbed angrily at her eyes, which were starting to water. No crying. Not here. Not because of some jackass throwing your camera into the water. No crying. Happy. Always happy. Can't let anyone see you not being happy, because goddammit you're freaking Dylan Walker. You. Are. Always. Happy.

Dylan sat down and pulled her knees to her chest, before covering her face so no-one would be able to see how upset she was. Goddamn idiots. Claiming that she should embrace her... Dylan was gonna assume it was to do with the ethnicity shit, since they were so on their high horse about that. But had they answered her question about why she should be proud? Had Maxim explained why it was a blessing? Had Louisa even stated what 'standing in the sunlight' even meant?

No. They hadn't. Because they were fucking flip-loving morons who just blindly accepted minorities. They even had the gall to hang out continuously with a Russkie, despite the fact that they were at war with Russia at that moment.

Screw 'em.

Once Dylan felt that she'd gained better control of her emotions and shoved down the urge to cry and/or find Maxim and beat the crap out of him for throwing her precious camera in the water, she got to her feet and started the walk home. No point in staying out, all she had was a broken camera and a memory card that had less than ten flimsy pictures on it. One of which was one of herself.

She hated having her photo taken.

((Dylan Walker continued elsewhere.))
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