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The House of the Undying; Open
Topic Started: Jul 7 2012, 04:05 PM (580 Views)
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*Katya wheeze*
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((Paige Strand continued from Thin Line Between Heaven and Here))

Paige continued running away from the helipad. She heard another gunshot as she fled into the forest. Jen was dead. Or maybe Tim was. She didn't think he could do it, he even admitted it. Paige would know the answer in a few hours, depending on who was listed on the announcements.

That's when she realized it. Her name would be on the announcements now. She killed that girl on the helipad. They'd know she was a killer. Would that Danya guy inform them that she was trying to hit Jennifer? Would anyone believe her if she tried to explain? Would they try to kill her for it?

Fuck, how can I find Amber and Carol now? They'll know what I did and not want to trust me. Shit. I'm so screwed.

She then noticed a building ahead of her. She moved closer and saw the remains of a mansion.

Well, might as well take my chances.

She rubbed her eyes and checked her Beretta. Still enough bullets in case she encountered someone angry inside. She walked up to the main door and slowly opened the door.

The mansion had clearly seen better days. It smelled like dust and mold, something that caused Paige to cough a bit once she entered. She began to move around the mansion, keeping her Beretta out in case she was surprised. It wasn't until she moved down one hallway that she found the only other person in the building: Liz Polanski. Only, she wasn't alive. She was dead, a day old body that was already beginning to decompose.

So this is where Jennifer did the deed. Holy shit.

Paige didn't understand why she was feeling the way she did. She had already seen three dead bodies before this one, one of which was one she made. She felt pain in her stomach and quickly moved away from Liz. She ran through the mansion and soon settled in what looked like had once been a parlor. The shelves were dusty, the books were damaged from water leakage and insects, and the upholstery on the couch was fading and full of holes.

Paige sat down on the couch, setting the Beretta on the dusty end table next to it. She then buried her face in her hands and began to cry.

What the hell am I going to do now?
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*Katya wheeze*
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The night was hell. Paige took a break from crying to try and get some rest on the couch. It didn't work. She tossed and turned on the couch the entire time. The couch wasn't made for sleeping, and the age made it impossible to get comfortable. Her evening consisted of slightly dozing off before being awakened by a tear in the fabric or a loose piece of wood in the frame.

Paige awoke early in the morning. Bored, she searched through her bag in an attempt to find something to do. That's when she found Craig's sketchpad. She almost forgot she took it with her. She opened the pad and began to flip through the pages. He was really good. He could have been really famous. But he was dead, lying in the forest with Maria, and Paige just took his sketchpad. She closed the book and sighed.

Good morning, kids. I hope those of you who are still alive had a nice, restful night.

Oh, son of a bitch.

Paige was frozen. The bastard was about to tell everyone everything. He began to speak. Ben was dead. Paige wasn't certain about who he was, so she didn't really focus. Marty was dead. Paige was surprised by that. But then again, that Chalmers kid probably panicked at the sight of a "killer" and shot him.

Then Paige's deed was announced. Aileen. According to the guy, Aileen was trying to help her. How? How would wandering into a Mexican Standoof be helping? Paige didn't get that.

Well, there can only be one in the end, right, Ms. Strand? Why not a girl with terrible aim, poor impulse control, and no conscience?

"Fuck you," she mutterred.

Did he just miss the last evening? Did he not see her completely lose her shit? What a dick.

He continued to list named. Just as she predicted, Jennifer killed Timothy.

He hesitated, didn't he? Damn fool.

A few more names were listed. Harold Smythe, Simon Fletcher, Corrina Landrey, Nick Simmons. The game was really progressing. Everyone was actually becoming serious.

"Well, looks like I'm not the only one who decided not to die-"

Shortly afterwards, Lyn Burbank stabbed Amber Whimsy with a pickaxe.



Amber was dead. Paige was right. People were getting more serious. He did mention how only one could survive. Paige seriously didn't hope it would mean Amber would die along the way. But now she was dead, and it was Lyn Burbank's fault.

So, what about Carol? She can't be dead as well.

The last two deaths were Sally Connelly and Preston Grey. That Nick kid she ran into on the first day apparently killed Sally. Go figure. They were both killers now. But Carol was still alive, so Paige was glad about that.

Then the man listed Danger Zones. The mansion was one of them. Paige quickly began grabbing everything she could and tossed it in her bag. There was no time for neatness. The sketchpad was in the bag, the zipper sealed, the Beretta in her hand. She was out of here.

Day Three. Okay, time to see how serious everyone is.

In a few moments, Paige was out of the mansion and back in the jungle. Back where it all began.

((Paige Strand continued in Moonrise Kingdom.))
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