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Kingsley Tran
Topic Started: Jun 26 2012, 04:10 PM (321 Views)
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Name: Kingsley Tran
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: Junior
School: Patriot High
Hobbies and Interests: Sports (table tennis, lacrosse), working out (weightlifting, running)

Appearance: Kingsley Tran is 5’6” and 160 pounds. He has a fair amount of muscle on him from his regular workouts, although it’s not very apparent from looking at him. He has black hair that is usually cut short because he considers it less of a hassle than actually maintaining a hairstyle, but on Announcement Day, it was slightly longer than normal and neatly combed to the right to stay out of his face.

Because of his Vietnamese heritage, his features are typically Asian, including his skin tone and brown eyes, although his eyes are not very slanted. He also has rounded cheeks; light, straight eyebrows; and full lips.

He tends to wear athletic clothing to school for both practical and economic reasons. On Announcement Day, he was wearing a red t-shirt a size too small for him, black sweatpants covered in pilling, and brown tennis shoes.

Biography: Kingsley Tran was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the only child of parents of Vietnamese descent. The Tran family were residents of the United States long before the government started cracking down on those deemed un-American, so while they were allowed to stay on account of having been American citizens so long, they had it hard from there on out, both financially and socially.

Kingsley was given his unusual name by his parents in an attempt to find a name for their son that bullies would have a hard time twisting into a slur or rhyming with anything derogatory. Bullies instead focused on how unusual the name was, in addition to its connections to royalty, but his race was more than enough to belittle with or without the name. Though he used to hate being named Kingsley, he now carries a small amount of pride in his name because it makes him unique.

Kingsley grew up with an athletic mindset. He loved going outside and getting his hands dirty from an early age, and he would participate eagerly in whatever sports his classmates would allow him to play. Unfortunately, his slight build caused him to get passed over for Patriot High’s most popular sports, and his race caused him to get passed over for most of those teams’ bench seats. He eventually settled on lacrosse as his sport of choice. His coach and teammates like to remind others that lacrosse is just as, if not more, American than the more popular sports at school, having never seen a source that remembered to specify it as “Native” American.

Although he plays lacrosse fairly well, and can play other sports decently, he excels at table tennis. He learned to play at an early age, and has since shown a talent for it, to the point where he recently won a regional championship. Due to the sport’s association with Asian stereotypes, he tends to play down his table tennis skills when he is at school. He eventually hopes that he can go to the Olympics and win for his country, but seriously doubts he will be able to, and recognizes that the attention it would bring would be a mixed blessing at best.

Early on in high school, Kingsley realized that at some point he was going to serve in the military, and he decided to start working out more as a way to prepare for it. Over the past few years, Kingsley has worked on his physical strength and conditioning via weightlifting and running, which has helped his status on the lacrosse team. He generally eats a lot and lifts weights often as part of an effort to “bulk up,” and he will regularly mention his workout routine in conversations. While his efforts at strength training have gotten mixed results, his endurance is a lot better than it used to be.

Kingsley is an easily flustered individual. He keeps his cool in familiar situations such as meeting new people and doing his schoolwork, but he has a tendency to psyche himself out if he’s going up against a better opponent in sports or can’t remember something on a test. He does, however, work hard at both his schoolwork and sports practice, and he generally does well. Despite his achievements, he is still regularly passed over for special recognition because of his race. In spite of this, Kingsley tends not to let peoples’ insults get to him, and tries not to begrudge those who discriminate against him.

Because of his generally positive attitude and excellence at schoolwork, he has become popular among the other Asian students at Patriot High, and to a lesser extent, the other minorities. It is likely that he would be able to lead a minorities’ association if his peers were to allow such a thing to exist without hassle.

Whenever Kingsley isn’t practicing, he has a fairly active social life with the other minorities at school. He likes to hang out at other peoples’ houses or any other place he can, and he generally has a good time doing whatever they’re doing, although he doesn’t tend to go along with ideas that he thinks could easily get him in trouble.

Although Kingsley does well in most subjects, getting mostly As, his grades in English are unspectacular. He finds it hard to write at length about any one particular topic, and he finds the patriotic literature he has to read boring. This has gotten him accused of being unpatriotic more than once, but in general, he just doesn’t feel that he has the time for it like he does his other subjects.

Kingsley’s attitude toward the government is apathetic, although he considers it simply practical. He has never thought much about the repercussions of the government’s oppression, and he deliberately changes the subject if it ever comes up. Kingsley simply wants to lay low and carry on with his life as normally as possible. He is undecided with regard to his opinion of the Program; he has not managed to decide whether or not he believes the government’s claim of its necessity simply because he refuses to think about it too much.

Advantages: Kingsley is physically fit and capable of running long distances without getting winded. In addition, his popularity among minority students could help him find allies.
Disadvantages: Kingsley is used to eating a lot, and may have a hard time with the rations given. He could also easily panic under the circumstances and make rash decisions.
M04: Kingsley Tran
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A lacrosse player? Awesome. Looks like you've touched upon everything we're looking for. Sorry for the wait.

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