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Hope's End
Topic Started: Mar 13 2012, 04:37 PM (516 Views)
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((Oz Stevenson continued from Hope))
((Sycanus Appletin continued from Rebel Without a Clue))

Oz trudged disconsolately across the dry ground, head down, meandering across the terrain, barely even paying attention to where he was going. The pair of ice skates dangled limply from one hand. Holding them had brought him a comfort, at first, now they just stood as a reminder of home, which seemed further and further away with every step he took. Oz couldn't even muster up the effort to put them away.

As time had worn on, more and more of his classmates being announced dead, it became harder and harder for Oz to hold onto his hope that they would be rescued. But ... it had to happen, it had to. They'd have been missing for days now - days - and the first thing that would be asked was what stops the train had to make on its route to... where they were going. And after the stops? The rail road. Train tracks ran across this entire place. It had to be on the route somewhere!

"It'll happen... it'll happen," Oz muttered the mantra over and over again, as if he said it enough times, he would start to believe it. A sinister thought in the back of his head remarked that, if things kept on how they are, there wouldn't be anyone LEFT to rescue...

Then he walked straight into the barbed wire fence.

"Fuck fuck fuck!"

Oz let out a strangled cry and jerked back, the fence tearing a bloody gash in his arm, ripping holes in his clothes. Bursts of pain erupted all over as he realised that - having caught most of his body on the fence, it'd snagged his flesh multiple times.

"FUCK! Ow! Fucking fuck!"

They weren't major injuries (although the one on his arm was bleeding a lot), but they sure as hell hurt. For the first time in hours, Oz actually paid attention to his surroundings. The barbed fence surrounded a small building, and Oz blinked, amazed that he'd walked right up to the structure without even seeing it. Right now though... it was convenient. He was no doctor, but even he could tell that he needed to tend to the cuts and scratches, even if it was just by resting until the bleeding stopped.

Limping slightly, Oz made his way around the fence until he found the entrance. Grumbling briefly about why they even NEEDED barbed wire, Oz stepped through and headed towards the trading post. Paying more attention to his wounds than the building, Oz had already stepped inside before he realised that the place was already occupied... by a girl holding a teddy bear.

And a gun, don't forget the gun.

She looked at the bear. "T-tobeyn, what should we do?"

Oz took a tentative step forward. "Uh... are you-"

"I was talking to Tobeyn!"

He never did figure out if she'd pulled the trigger intentionally. Getting shot in the chest kind've distorts your perspective on that kind of thing.

Oz crumpled, slumping against the wall and sliding down to the floor. His breaths came short and stilted.

"I g-got him Tobeyn! I got the bad man!"

Bad... man...?

Stunned surprise turned into white hot fury.

I walk in here and get shot, and I'm the bad man!?

Oz gasped something that might have been "You bitch!" if his lungs weren't filling with blood, and with a burst of adrenaline, seized the ice skate and brought it around in a brutal arc.

The blade of the skate caught the girl straight across the throat, and she let out a strangled shriek, going down in a fountain of blood, clutching at her neck.

Oz felt nothing, the lunge having taken almost all of his reserves of energy. He was face down now, and he could feel a warm pool spreading underneath him.

And as he took his final breaths and closed his eyes...

They're never going to come. There was never any way out.


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