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Thorn in the spike pile.
Topic Started: Dec 11 2011, 11:29 PM (399 Views)
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(( Sycanus Applettin continued from Taste Your Beating Heart))
"It's alright, Tobeyn... just a harmless graze..." Sycanus said whilst walking away from the cabin. Her whole body trembled from what had happened there. Once she arrived at the cactus patch, she sat down and clutched Tobeyn as if her life was in its unmoving hands. "It'll be alright... It's just a nightmare..."
Yes, all of this is just a horrible dream.
Squeezing her bear again, a new voice came about. One that never seemed to be apparent until just now...
She looked up, unaware of who was speaking.
Sycanus... I'll be fine...
Wait, 'I'll be fine'? But who else could be hurt in the immediate- Her gaze turned to the bear. "T-Tobeyn?" she said softly. "Are... are you speaking to me clearly?"
Yes I am, Sycanus. And I'll be fine.
"But... but you're not living... you're just a... a stuffed bear..."
And yet you treated me as if I was living.
Listen. This is just like 7th grade. Only your life is on the line. I think now is a good time for me to help you like this.
"... how are you going to help me?"
I'm not sure. But you can trust me, right?
With a sigh, Sycanus nodded.
Might want to reload your gun first...
Another nod, and she pulled out her revolver, taking her time with reloading it due to how she had no idea how to reload revolvers in the first place.
That's it... just replace the bullets somehow.

To the outside world, however, she was merely talking for both entities.
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"I think I got it..." Sycanus said, as she pushed the cylinder back into the gun. Standing up, she began to look around. "Hmm... where should we go, Tobeyn?"
Check the map, Sycanus.
Quickly, she pulled out her map, looking at it. "Oh, there's a town here..."
That sounds like a good idea. Let's head over there.
"Very good idea, Tobeyn."
Oh, and Sycanus?
"Yes, Tobeyn?"
Please don't let us get shot. The ear injury kind of hurt.
"I'm sorry..." Gently, Sycanus kissed the bear on the head. "Hopefully it won't happen again..."
Shouldn't, just as long as no one has a gun and a want to kill you.
One nod and a refilled canteen of water later, the young girl set off towards the ghost town...
((Sycanus Applettin continued at The Good, The Bad, And The Ohmigodwhatthefuck))
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