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Virtua Prologue
Topic Started: Oct 31 2011, 07:53 PM (1,217 Views)
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The first sign that anything is amiss comes when the train abruptly jolts on its track, beginning to slow with a ungodly screech of brakes. It loses speed rapidly, and before long comes grinding to a total halt.

Within the carriages, the students of Alderbrook High School murmur amongst themselves, wondering what could have gone wrong with their excursion (the reasons for the trip in their minds are... oddly inspecific).

Then a drawl echoes across the train's PA system.

"Hey there y'all. I'm... well, that ain't important. Y'all can just call me The Sherrif."

Pausing for a moment, seemingly to let that sink in, the Sherrif clears his throat. "So I spose ya'll will be wonderin' just what is goin' on here - and I'm sorry t' tell ya that it ain't a pretty picture. For reasons best known to myself, ya'll are set to play... let's call it a game."

Some of the more alert students have begun to pound on windows or attempt to force the emergency doors. All avenues of exit remain stubbornly sealed.

"It ain't worth the energy tryin' t' get away, believe you me. Ya'll are here for the long haul. So sit your asses down and listen, alright? The situation you find yourselves in is pretty dang straightforward: ya'll have gotta kill or be killed. That's it. This here town - we'll call it The Zone, is where this is gonna go down at. Those others sittin' 'round you right now? Those are your enemies. Kill 'em, or die. S'up to you. Ya'll are gonna get daypacks with randomly assigned weapons inside... ya might get the rub of the dice, ya might not. That's the kicker."

"Oh... and t' discourage anyone taking off, ya'll are gonna be fitted with some nice little surprises when the time comes. Keep an eye out for that. You try and leave the Zone, stick too long in an area we don't want you in... and that's goodnight for you. My advice? Don't screw with it. That ain't gonna end well. I'll touch base with all of ya every so often to keep ya'll on top of the latest news.

Catch you, Alderbrook. Be quick, or be dead."

The PA cuts to static... but the hissing isn't just from the radio, it's from the white gas now seeping into every single train carriage.

In moments, every single person on the train is unconscious.

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