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Topic Started: Apr 13 2011, 03:16 AM (609 Views)
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Paint me like one of your Sith girls
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Insignia: A large, stylised 'tear drop' of blood on the forehead, a darken crimson than the rest of the bandana.


RD1: Marvia Jones
School: Detroit Central
Weapon: Steyr AUG

RD2: Jeanette Buendia
School: SDA
Weapon: Switchblade

RD3: Jhamel Thompson
School: Detroit Central
Weapon: Colt M1911A1

RD4: Daniel Renard
School: Detroit Central
Weapon: GPS

RD5: Mikaela Warner
School: SDA
Weapon: Shuriken x 4


'The Military Officer'
"What this team needs to achieve success is discipline and tactics."

Name: Lieutenant Colonel Max Briggs
Age: 37
Gender: Male

Appearance: Lt. Col. Briggs dresses, whenever possible, in full military uniform, taking great pride in his position in the United States Army. He has black hair, buzzed short, and surprisingly soft, blue eyes. He is not a tall man, standing at 5'6", but he maintains a notable presence through his impeccable posture and his penchant to stand stock still, never fidgeting. He speaks only when necessary, but he has none of the spite of a drill sergeant, instead relying on calm, rational explanations to convey his messages.

Biography: Lt. Col. Briggs has very little interest in SOTF-TV, or, for that matter, most civilian affairs. His passion is for the military, which has served as his whole career. He is a highly competent tactician, well-respected by those above and below him on the chain of command. He is also highly adaptable, which is a large part of the reason he was chosen for this assignment. Seeing an opportunity to boost recruitment, the army offered to supply a mentor for one of the teams on this season's SOTF-TV. Briggs detests his job in this capacity, but has resolved to do it to the best of his ability, for the organization he loves, and has thus far managed to maintain a fairly diplomatic presence with the producers and other mentors, though he views the lot of them as spineless and undeserving of their positions. After all, how are you supposed to help someone survive a combat situation when you've never been under fire yourself? The only one he holds in any esteem at all is Jared Clayton, who at least has some experience to back himself up.

Team Conclusion: This is likely to be a fragmented, argumentative group, if they can even coexist, that is! Something tells me that even if they find each other, the spirit of cooperation isn't going to be too strong here. If they can get on the same page, the team does have some firepower, a great utility and a field medic of sorts, but that seems like a huge ask.

Mentor's Comment: This mob needs discipline, and fast. This is too essential for any selfishness on the part of any of the team members. We have the tools to succeed, it's a matter of forcing them to operate together.
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