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What Could Have Been; Mini version!
Topic Started: Mar 24 2011, 08:05 PM (2,816 Views)
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And yes, I did just copy and past this from the main site because i'm lazy.

Anyway... Lets face it, we've ALL had ideas for what our characters could do on the island which we never got around to actually doing. Whether it was because the character in question died too early, or someone else's character died too early, or you decide that the idea in question is actually a lot dumber in hindsight then it seemed at the time. Everyone I think has at least one idea they wanted to try out at some point with their characters, but for whatever reason the idea never came to fruition.

Which is why i've decided to set up THIS thread. Basically, its just for sharing any ideas you had for your characters to do which you never got around to/decided against/completely forgot about/etc... This can include:

Character Development that never came to fruition.

A humourous moment which was later deemed too stupid to actually try out.

A certain interaction with a certain character (Maybe you were given someone's deathrights, only for your character to end up dying first?)

A specific death scene which had to be compromised for time.

An intended Face Heel Turn/Heel Face Turn that never actually happened in the end.


As a note, though, it'd probably be best to only mention ideas for characters who're already dead. After all, you wouldn't want to unintentionally spoil anything about your surviving character(s), would you?

Anyway, I think I'll start it off with my deceased characters (Mainly for the BRAURP. I more-or-less made up what I did with Keira as I went along...):

Ryuhei falls onto some rocks and dies anticlimactically

This was an idea for his death which I came up with BEFORE I realised that he was actually surprisingly popular Basically, he'd find himself cornered on the edge of some cliff as a player nears closer, and he thinks to himself Wait a minute... What if I dive OFF the cliff, and land in the water! I can then swim around to safety! GENIUS!

Then of course, he'd jump off, laughing all the way down until he opens his eyes a couple of metres before he hit the bottom.

His last thoughts would have been Wait, are those ro-

(If its any consolation, Ryuhei would NOT have died this way if the BRAURP hadn't of ended.)

Hiroshi eventually reunites with Ryuhei...

...Only to discover that he's gone completely batshit INSANE! :P

Hiroshi decides to team-up with Mimura

Just an idea I toyed with... Basically, Hiroshi would find Mimura, and decide that it would be better if they all teamed up to combine their efforts against the government. After all, just because he was a bully DIDN'T necessarily mean he wanted to play the game.

Anyway, anybody got any ideas they'd like to share?
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Bryant Carver, White People Hunter

Yeah, I figured he was going to go around eventually hunting white characters with little provocation because hey, he had the opportunity to do it with little consequence and get some revenge/warped justice. Then he killed Michael Sechooler and Standing Eight happened, and Bcarve's characterization started getting away from me. So yeah.
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I have so many of these it's not even funny.


Shuuya survives the first prologue thread: Originally, I had every intent of playing Shuuya through the game. I then realized that I didn't have a good grasp of his voice or character, especially due to the, erm, slight differences between manga and novel Shuuya, so I panicked and got permission to kill him at the start. I utterly detest my writing in the scene, but oh well. If I had to do it again, I'd probably take a legit shot at things.

Kyoichi does things, plays it smart: I was going to turn Kyoichi into a player, though not the traditional kill'em all sort. I planned to pretty much have him work things logically, kill when it was advantageous and lay low otherwise, and basically play a smart game. Instead, he got shot in the face by Froggy.

Mizuho becomes a player hunter: Originally, Mizuho was going to go all crazed vigilante on everyone around, probably going completely bonkers even sooner than she did (yay for characters who are canonically nuts!). I didn't really understand death rights/setting things like that up, though, so instead I just kind of spun my wheels with her. I think it was actually for the best in the end.

Mizuho explodes with Kaori and Tatsumichi: This was the very first plan for the ending to Mizuho's plotline. I thought it was boring and ditched it.

Mizuho goes and blows herself up on the viewing platform at sunrise: I had an interesting idea for blowing Mizuho up after the Kaori/Tatsumichi thing, that basically involved her going even more batty and blowing herself upfor some strange reason. I can't remember much of this. This was what I was going to do, until the next rolls happened and Inky proposed what eventually became 2-1, which I liked much better anyways.

SOTF: Evolution

Sooooo many here. I was very indecisive.

Samantha falls of the cliff and dies in her first post: I considered this for maybe, like, two minutes. Didn't like it.

Samantha is Heroed for Fred: Fred was the one character I really wanted to see go far. I even had considered Heroing him, but it was too early in the game for me to really be happy with that outcome, so I decided not to. Also, he was inactive in a danger zone, which didn't help much.

Samantha plays smart, kills lots of people: Samantha was originally going to be a straight player, but Evo had enough truly terrifying villains that I ditched this idea. Then, I considered having her turn the radio tower into a killing ground and basically turtling out the game. Areas were clogged in ways to make this impractical, though. For a time, Samantha was potentially going to kill Otis, taking offense at his forwardness and trying to scare him off with a warning shot. Finally, the last "Samantha snaps" situation was in the woods, when she took some shots at Chris. Because I like spontaneity, I didn't actually warn Dete in advance, or PM for death rights or anything, because I just wanted to let things play out. Chris escaped, and everything went so much better than it would have had he been shot.

Samantha vs. Cristo: Originally, An Ode to Adelaide was supposed to go very differently. The original plan went the same until Samantha was disarmed. At that point, however, Cristo was going to pull his second gun and order Samantha to leave if she wanted to live, abandoning Otis to die. She'd have accepted, allowing Cristo to kill Otis, but also become very, very angry at Cristo, and come after him later on, presumably eventually leading to some form of confrontation. They were basically going to be rivals/enemies until one or both died. Then Cristo went totally inactive and died in the same scene as Otis. Again, I liked the end result far better.

Samantha ends up in the finals, suddenly finds her new resolve to play fair isn't as strong as her desire to not die: There are a few reasons this didn't happen, but the biggest was that it just wasn't in character.

Samantha dies in a DZ after being fatally wounded: For some reason, while writing Samantha I had this nonstop fascination with the danger zones. It shows through pretty strongly in her story (she avoids the tower for fear of DZs, is ejected from the shed when it becomes a DZ, unsuccessfully trawls the forest for Fred and Judy's exploded corpses, runs the clock in the ravine, and then exits the game by walking into a DZ). Actually, I was gonna have her force march someone into a DZ at some point, had she gone player. Anyways, originally I planned to give her an action-style death, get her mortally wounded or something, and have her run into a DZ out of spite to deprive the Organization of the data her corpse would provide. This kinda got me thinking, though, and led to what actually happened instead.

The Program

Nikki survives for an inexplicably long time: Originally, Nikki was going to be my primary character, and Karl was going to get Heroed in for Juliet whenever she got rolled. My plan was to take the most useless person imaginable as far as I could. Unfortunately, Juliet got rolled earlier than I wanted, while Karl still had things to do, and Siobhan was irredeemable, leaving Nikki with nothing to do, so I Heroed with her instead.
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Past characters:

If you want an honest assessment of your character's storyline, feel free to PM me and I'll whip one up as soon as I am able.
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Actually for the most part I'm pretty content with how the minis have gone for me.

SOTF: Evolution

Jay Lives and becomes Kevin Bacon

Simple enough: Jay was unfortunately caught with a case of terminal writer's block, thus leading to me heroing him far earlier than he deserved, particularly since he had such a charm about him to me. Maybe it's because he was a self insert (which means I apparently get writer's block for myself).

Had he lived I must admit it was pretty up in the air where he would've gone. The one answer I can still see as being most prominent, and I've said it before and I'll say it again: invisible rapist. It would've been pretty insane and potentially narmy, but damn if Jay was going to go around and actually try and help anyone in the game. For all the time he lived I'm at least glad he got to show that aspect across.

No, I've never seen Hollow Man. No, I wouldn't consider myself an invisible rapist either.
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Madeline Harris: canon fodder

Maddie was not supposed to take a single life. When I made her I intended to have the entire idea of the Program overwhelm her so bad (lots of "I was supposed to go to ART SCHOOL") that when she did try to kill someone, they'd probably end up killing her instead. (My thoughts go to that character in the BR movie who tries to kill Shuya outside of the school that's all "I get to go HOME if I kill you and go to COLLEGE" except Art School) When Damon got rolled I figured "why not?" invented the Gallery, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Honoring the glorious dead:
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Sterling Odair was gonna be a self insert, but he went in another direction.

Also, I never discussed this with P-ink and Frozen, but in Fate Bash I had the idea that Frank and Mad get into a fight where she accidentally kills him and Mae, Zach, Zak, and Mad get themselves in a I Know What You Did Last Summer deal. Hiding the body while a party is happening, so more like The Rope.

I should add that I admit this was a stupid idea which is why I never tried to go through with it.
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Kate the player

Depending on what power she got, my original intention for Kate was to use her power to whatever potential it had and turning her into a power player. When she then got rolled "Dental Regeneration" I completely retooled her character to accomodate the change, and took her in a completely different direction.

Kate, Taryn and Iris: The Powerpuff Girls.

Originally, when it looked like Holly was going to die and Iris wasn't, the original plan was that KaTaryn would go back to the Cove and pick up Iris. The reasons for this were twofold: I was starting to think that KaTaryn's double act might've gotten stale as it got further on in the game, and that Iris really would need something to do when Holly and Johnny died. Then Iris got rolled, Somewhere in the Between happened and we never looked back. B)


Dom's original death by stupidity.

The original idea for Dom's death was that he'd somehow find a way to climb up the outer wall of the compound, celebrate his apparent victory over the system a little too early, and get shot in the head by a guard (or Adams if Clu let me). Not much to say here, it got dropped for being dumb.

Dom original death by way of Brett Torres

Before Dom got heroed, there was a strong possibility that-aside from the death via stupidity- he was getting killed in Bat Country by Brett Torres. Me and Little even had a basic outline for their fight planned out (which I can't find :c). The plan was that they would have a short fist fight that would end with Brett getting the upper hand, going for his gun (he'd relinquish it since Dom would insist in a fist fight) but Dom would eventually try to use his pipewrench, all notion of a fist fight would go out of the window and Brett would just straight up shoot Dom.

Corrina sleeps until the end.

A much more recent one, in Out of the Darkness I was going to have Corrina try to sleep out the rest of the game, keeping her active through dreamposts and short "Corrina got up and checked if anyone was there before going back to sleep" posts. This ended up fizzling out when I realised that A. I hate dreamposts and B. This would get dull and tedious, both to write and read, very quickly. When Alex joined, it was the final nail in the coffin for that idea.

Alli lives, Dom dies.

An idea I was toying with while babysitting Alli Greene was that I'd end up refusing the hero for Dom, kill him off in the methods detailed above, then carry on with Alli. This was dropped as I really did feel it'd be a waste, and then Dom was inactive killed anyway so it didn't really matter.

More to come soon-ish XD
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The Program v1.

Wendy Fischer and the Quest for Pants!: Believe it or not, Wendy was my planned main character for the Program. Yes this is true! I had her written out primarily for an Island setting, as seen by her profile. When the Program setting was revealed, as a compound, it threw me for a loop, and thus, I had to rework my plans for Wendy. I ended up sacrificing Wendy using a Hero, as I was a bit lost on what to do with her and I was also too busy irl to post very much. I was hoping her death could have given other characters some purpose/direction in developing them through the game. If what I've seen with Megan, and Brendon, has shown, it worked, and I'm happy Wendy's death helped with developing their overall stories.

She still somewhat went on her quest for pants, but since it wasn't an island, finding pants, was actually much easier in the small setting. She was to have a few 'fan-service' type things, which makes me think, that Wendy Fischer would have been a much better fit for SOTF-TV, now that I think about it.

Luke meets Alex Tartaglia & Brendon Arrington:
Luke had a promise to Matthew Payne, to keep Brendon safe, and to tell Alex "He's one of the best I ever had. And...I'll see him soon." So really Luke was gonna be good them, and repent for his badness, even if he gets his ass kicked by either of them, which was probably gonna happen, being that Luke killed Matt and all.

With Alex there was two ways this was gonna work, which I was gonna ask General Goose on doing. Either Luke stays good, and helps them. Or he apologizes and tells Alex exactly what Matt wanted him to... "Your one of the best he's ever had." Then out of nowhere, when everything looks all good, a friendship and such, with Alex being emotional about his BF Matt, and sorry for trying to kill Luke... he finishes it with... the other thing Matt said to tell Alex: "And... you'll be seeing him, really soon." Then concealed revolver shot the body, with Luke apologizing coldly, and leaving him to die.

Which in turns leads to...

Luke Mendoza, goes BACK to the Darkside:
Luke reaches the breaking point by then. He settles on the fact that this is just LIFE. (Like Logan Sorenson said before) and he was gonna be realistic. No one was really a good guy or bad guy. There were no villains, just people doing what they needed to survive. He turns from this fragile minded boy, with a cocky and tenacious personality/exterior, who just wanted to get out there, into this basically cold, and stoic player, who realizes that there was only ONE way out of there Alive. He plays.

Or Luke sticks to his redemption arch of being a good guy, and makes it to the end, with another character he is friendly with:
With another character who doesn't want to kill him... maybe Megan, or Bryant, or Brendon, or Juliet... Luke settles back to his gambling quirk, that I didn't really touch up on very much. Making it to the end, with people he doesn't want to kill, and then offers the solution of what he started from the beginning of the story...

With his old fashioned Rough Rider Revolver, six shooter, (which was a really fitting weapon Roll, that I was really happy seeing from the start.) he brings up Russian Roulette. So that way, no one lives with the regret of killing their friends, since it is their own game... and it's RUSSIAN, not American. Then see what happens from there.
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SotF-TV Season 65:

Bobby Goldman confronts Devonte Washington. These two characters had such a colorful clash in the TV pre-game that I was hoping it could be brought up again on the island where killing was actually expected. Plus, they were both assigned to Team Grey, so observers (and their mentor) might be amusingly confused as to why they were fighting.

Bobby Goldman gets to express his feelings to Jaszmine Johnson. With Jaszy dead, Bobby will never be able to tell her that he still loves her and that he regrets that his libido wrecked what could have been a really great romance. How receptive Miss Johnson might have been to these sentiments is something we'll never know.

More may be forthcoming....
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Alright, since Sidney's dying soon I might as well list things that were meant to happen in Mini.

Sidney Goes Player
As you may have noticed, on the cruise ship she wasn't really taking things seriously. She was mostly all "Oh hey, there was that guy from school. I can torment him!" But after a certain point, she would have started playing the game seriously, probably after actually killing someone or witnessing someone dying. But the fact she ended up teaming up with most of Green Team changed this.

However! I was toying with Sidney somehow being separated from the group and basically pulling a Kitty Gittschall; start playing the game some point after, saying she was meaning to do that all along. But... she's dying. ):

Alternate Character Arc For Sidney
This also revolves around Sidney killing someone or witnessing someone getting killed. Except instead of killing more... she gets shocked by witnessing death for the first time. And then we get that delicious character development; she probably would have gone from an overcompetitive trollish individual to something completely different, maybe have her stop being so trolly after a while since she finally realized how harsh things were.

To get a basic understanding of Sidney, she hasn't really taken the game that seriously up until recently, as I said. To her, it's like another game she's played, where the main goal is to win. She doesn't react that much to the idea of people getting killed in part because it hasn't completely hit her just what kind of situation she's in. So, forcing her to kill someone or see someone get killed or even "just" seeing a dead body probably would have caused Sidney to develop, either in a more player-y bent or a more character enriching moment. But again, she's dying. ):

Sidney Steals Chelsea's Clothes
THIS WAS THE REVENGE THAT SIDNEY WAS PLANNING. You read correctly. When I first talked to Nami in chat, we were joking about Sidney stealing her clothes while she was bathing which would force her to wear her alternate outfit. But we never got around to that, mostly because we never got a chance.

After "Hell On Bare Feet" Kami was planned to run out on someone and scream that out loud while pointing the gun on them. Not much to say, other than this would have probably been pulled out if she ever met one of the Masons.

Kami As A Serious Player
For a while I tried writing her as such after killing Nikki, but she was boring and not fun that way. After a while, either before or after Rena's death, I decided to turn her back into a buttmonkey, as seen in "Hell On Bare Feet".

Someone Should Have Warned Kami About The Stairs
Well, if Foxd hadn't asked for Kami's kill rights and the timer was still ticking, guess what would have happened? That's right. I was planning on having her walk somewhere that had stairs, and within seconds fall down them simply by tripping. And yes, I probably would have put a Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff reference in there somehow knowing me. But it happened with Jessica around that time anyways, so it's cool, we got our falling down stairs. And besides, gut spilling is much more fun to do with your self-insert than falling down stairs. : D

I can't really think of anything involving Holly right now. Maybe later, and then I'll post again or edit this or something when I remember. I probably missed a lot with Kami and Sidney, as well, now that I think of it. XD
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12:40 Slamexo She [Sidney] sells trollin' and trollin' accessories

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Ferrara's Redemption: Sacrificing John for BCarve meant that his storyline got cut short prematurely, but my initial plan was for him to stop hunting the other kids and give up his weapon to try and live peacefully in the compound until his inevitable death.
The Program
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Tyler loses his faith, and has a hero moment.

Had Tyler not been rolled directly after the killing of Dom, I would have given a lot more to his breakdown in faith in America that was seen in his death post. He wouldn't have killed anybody else, but throwing away his book still would have happened, and probably an abridged version of his death speech. What I envision is that he eventually would have taken the bullet for somebody -not because he was trying to convince a killer to lay down their weapon like he might've done before his accidental kill, but through pure self-sacrifice.

Tristan Trolls TV

And no, not just because it's alliterative. Basically, Tristan, if he'd lived longer, would have started doing everything he could to mess with the system. Take bandanas once he figured out it was allowed. Possibly steal weapons if he ever got the opportunity (and throw said weapons away). Go into in depth camera rants (both angry and intelligent). Arrange anti-SOTF slogans in rocks/sand/stray furniture... and also try and figure out how to disrupt the collars in any way he could that he didn't think would maim him or be lethal. I always planned him to die the way he did though, so that turned out okay.

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'cause I revived it on the Main, and 'cause there's a lot of interesting stuff here, I'm bumping this for Mini, too. Got plenty of stuff to add.

The Program

Karl as hero: Originally, Karl was gonna be my attempt at a real, legitimate hero. I always knew he wasn't gonna be evil, because that was the base goal with him: write someone horribly jerkish and scummy who, when the chips come down, is not so bad. I actually liked him better as somewhat ineffectual and philosophical, and his development in that direction is entirely thanks to story's last-second suggestion about taking him hostage in the first thread.

That was basically it. Didn't have too many Program plans.


Renée as "hero": Like in the Program with Nikki, Renée was originally supposed to be my primary character. I actually had a lot of angles I wanted to play with her, since, as someone who was into TV before getting thrown on it, she was somewhat complicit in the whole thing. I planned to really play with her twisted idea of what a hero was, and break it down systematically as she found out, more and more, that heroism wasn't fighting bad people and saving lives in daring action, and that it wasn't all fun and games.

Unfortunately, TV's atmosphere was way lighter than I'd expected, with relatively few characters taking things that seriously, so Renée came across as fairly grounded. She also got stuck in a few slow threads, and was thrown into situations that challenged her in very different ways, so she ended up developing a different way. I'm glad, though, because i got to work with some really excellent characters and handlers.

Karen dies at halfway: Originally, I strongly doubted I'd be able to keep Karen going and retain interest/keep getting stuff to do with her. She was always supposed to be a pretty serious player, but I initially thought she'd go out around halfway as a game changing dynamic, somewhat in the vein of V4's Clio Gabriella. I figured around then I'd get rolled and swap her for Renée or hero somebody or something like that. In the end, though, I never lost interest in her and I didn't get rolled.

Karen vs. someone a lot scarier: This one actually came really, really close to happening, until rolls screwed it up. Karen was gonna get into a fight with Kevin and Mason, find herself out of her depth, and basically get flattened. She was gonna get beat up, lose a lot of her stuff, and have to flee. This was also gonna push her further and further into her paranoid everyone-is-coming-to-kill-me mindset. Unfortunately, the rolls messed that one up pretty badly when it was actually about to go down.

Karen and Jhamel (version one): Karen's fight with Jhamel was initially gonna go pretty differently, in that the initial version had it ending in more of a stalemate. Initially, Karen was supposed to meet Jhamel, have the standoff go to close combat, get badly beat up, then flee, only discovering that she'd gotten ten kills after the fight had ended, when she was freaking out and sure she was going to die. The thread got slowed down for various reasons, though, so Jared's warning to Jhamel got improvised. Then Jhamel got rolled, and the setup was already in place for him to die there.

Karen and Mason (round two): 'foxd and I had chatted about Karen and Mason having another run in at some point on the island. There were a lot of different plans on this one (at one point I think Mason was even gonna kill her). Basically, we wanted to do something with 'em again because they both shaped each other pretty strongly in their little chat. Time ran out, though, and the stars never aligned quite right before Karen's run ended.


Richard's death occurs before the first rolls: Just an idea I had, but then I figured I'd rather keep him around to bail out someone with only one character. He was created to die where and how he did, though.

I don't suck and actually post with Will more than four times or whatever: But then I got swamped with V4's endgame and going overseas and that didn't happen.
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Past characters:

If you want an honest assessment of your character's storyline, feel free to PM me and I'll whip one up as soon as I am able.
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Oh I don't believe I ever posted here.


Yuko goes further and goes kinda loopy

Ah, good old Yuko. If she hadn't been rolled, and I hadn't become attached to Yoshio, she would have had some magical adventures in loopy land. But she was, so she died of infection instead, like an idiot.


A character

In a rare lapse of judgement I stopped making my Evo character because I was all "Hey, I can do this later." But then regos closed really quickly and I was all :c. Could have been interesting - name was Tegan Hickey, and she was going to be a blonde country singer who lived like a hippie.

The Program V1

Chanel is a straightforward protagonist instead of the first-roll fodder

One of my ideas before realising how awesome hero cards were in a brief three-month period was to send Chanel out into the compound and do Chanel things. But then I felt like foddering Jackson's character Vaughn, so I heroed for Keaka's character and killed her off (taking Vaughn with her >_>).

Matt becomes a legitimate member of Team Bitchin'

Yeah, writing at length with Casey and Tyth would have been a blast, and Matt would have been their lovely third wheel, but then he got rolled.


Anna goes all Sarah Atwell on TV

Exactly what it says on the tin. With outfoxd's Antony Rollins as her Alice. But that died when Antony did and I had other ideas.

Holly is a credible protagonist with morale struggles and all that cool stuff and does even more cool stuff

Right now, I'm kinda regretting not heroing Mr Lemmon with Anna, since I really feel I could have done so much better (and not get stiffed with the hero deal >_>) with Holly. But alas, it was not to be.


Hannah Rose, Kimberly Redmond, or Jason Andrews in place of Preston Grey

I made and broke waaaay too many promises when searching for early versions to represent in Second Chances. I was so erratic when looking for who to chose, I do sincerely apologise to Llama, Meems and Kyle respectively for breaking those requests I made in haste >_>. But yeah, Hannah Rose was a lock for a while, Kimberly was a lock for a while until I decided I wanted a dude for once, and Jason was going in until I made a v5 concept with his exact personality and realised doing two in a row would be absolutely no fun. So yeah, apologies.

So that's all I have!
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OK, I have one thing that could have happened.

Rupert Stockton gets a second chance

I have to say, I really wish that Rupert hadn't gone inactive in v2. He had one of the most tragic backstories in SOTF history, and to see him only posted with once was a little disappointing. I thought that he had a lot of potential to either be an interesting villain or a deeply tragic hero (or anti-hero, more likely). This almost led me to requesting him for Second Chances alongside Craig Hoyle. In the end, however, I ended up going with Keira MacDonald as a second character, meaning Rupert was left out in the cold. If there's another Second Chances down the line, however, he will probably be my first round draft pick.

SP1: Lukas Graves- Forming a team in United
VW2: Angie Hart- Having a bad time of it in Balls Deep

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