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Hide in Plain Sight; Silver Dragon Academy Grounds (Outside); Open
Topic Started: Mar 2 2011, 06:55 AM (1,180 Views)
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(Sorry for skipping you here Mungo, but I want in on this!)

He listened as the long haired guy talked about his swimming times. He really had no idea if it was good or bad, but it seemed like more of a "meh" kind of thing. He had never really enjoyed the feeling of competitiveness that seemed to pervade sports. All it was to him was a way of not turning into a slob, and if he was honest, he'd been kind of lax with that recently. Most of the sporty types, of which there were thankfully few, seemed to see it as more of a dick measuring contest than anything productive. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

"So roleplaying, huh? What do you guys roleplay?"
He asked, sounding a little stilted. Well, that was the trouble speaking Net-speak all the time, you sorta expect everyone to understand what your on about.

He wondered what he should say. Should he tell them that he played SOTF-RP's? Might be a tad creepy. He had started with sci-fi ish ones, maybe he should talk about that? Naa, he'd kind of lost interest in them and he didnt want to have to back up his points. And there was alot of old shame on that board.

"Well, I uh... Play a SOTF one." He stated. There was a pause as he debated amending it. Making sure he knew that it wasnt as creepy as he thought it was. Then, in another stroke of luck, a less fammiliar guy arrived. He knew his face, but had never really interacted with him. He knew he was a bit of a hippie, and even if he hadnt of heard that from friends of friends, his appearance would've given it away.

His long hair, and rather colourful choice of attire told him two things. He was an outgoing person, and a bit of an odball. Sweet. He tended to get along better with the outsiders than the more mainstream people. They were just a lot more tolerant. Though that was stereotyping. He was sure some of the mainstream people were nice. Mae for example.

He talked to Jake, fiddling with his bandanna, before turning to the rest of them and asking if they wanted to go to the Zoo.

Well, he really had nothing major planned, and a day walking around would probably be good for him. He wasnt overly fond of animals, but learning about them was always a plus, and the carnivores were always a good time. Hell, if they were lucky they could probably catch them feeding.

"Eh, sure, i'd love to come" He responded simply.

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(It's not really my turn either, but I'm going ahead.)

Indeed, it was easy for Ben to fade into the background. He did just that, eyes erratically darting about as if he wasn't sure where to settle them. Finally, he chose a spot in the distance, where the school grounds ended and a road began.

The talk continued and Ben listened distantly. "Good luck," he managed, when Jake mentioned beating some sort of swimming record.

Ben bristled slightly as the numbers increased again. He could leave. But then that would mean either interjecting with a farewell or perhaps just wandering off. Better to stay.

"Hey," he murmured back to the newcomer. Like with everyone else, Ben took in the details. The scruffiness, the hippy style. He almost laughed at mention of some strange dream that prompted a desire to go see some animals. Was it a joke, though? Since he couldn't decide, Ben got away with a quick grin.

Undoubtedly, the invitation to the zoo was more politeness than anything else. But for a moment, Ben wondered what it would be like if he said yes. Most likely, he'd trail along in the back while the others took in the exhibits. Like some sort of lost puppy. So of course, he gave the expected, "No, thank you."

After that, Ben mostly resumed his invisibility. Much easier.
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Jake looked over at Suzanne, taking the girl's silence to mean a "no." He grinned at his friend. A trip to the zoo? So incredibly Shawn. It sounded cool though, at least to Jake. Sure, not many high school kids all got together for a quaint little trip to the zoo, but maybe the should. Giraffes were crazy cool.

"I'm in," he told Shawn. "I'll see if Mads wants to come." He paused for a moment, wondering if this was an appropriate thing to ask. "Are you going to ask Mae to come too?"

He liked the idea of going to the zoo with Madelyn though, the two of them looking at stuff together. Jake pictured her laughing and pointing at a monkey doing something and he couldn't help but smile. He did really like it when Madelyn laughed. At this point, he liked it when she pretty much did anything.

Maybe they could share a pretzel or something, augh come'on Langston man up! Sharing pretzels? Maybe a churro? Since when was he all down with the mushy stuff?

Since her, obviously.

But all the same, he wasn't sure what the deal with Mae and Shawn was. The developments at the party were strange, to say the least, and Shawn was now a bit of a hero. However he hadn't really talked to either about it, and Mae was never much of a public person about such things, rumors had quieted rather quickly after the party.

"Mae likes animals," he clarified, just in case. "I mean, her parents have that whole horse thing."

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The boy with the computer device thing, was the first to answer: "Eh, sure, I'd love to come" He responded simply.

Shawn raised an eyebrow and couldn't help, but smirk. The guy actually took him up on that. "Groovy."

He turned to the next boy. He had a quick grin on his face, that vanished as soon as Shawn looked at him. Something Shawn said must've amused him. He didn't know it, but Shawn had that effect. At least he seemed to warm up the seemingly shy kid. Shawn looked down at the notebook the guy had; Ben was his name. Ben is a gnarly name. He wished Jake name was Ben. So then his best buddy could be named Ben.

"No, thank you." Ben said.

"That's cool. Maybe next then, huh Ben-o?" Shawn gave Ben a friendly smirk, and gave him a matching friendly pat on the arm as well.

He looked at the girl, who remained silent, trying to hide her face into what she was working on. The notebook labled Suzanne. Shawn realized his presence was making the bashful little girl nervous and he figured he'd leave really soon for her specifically. "Sorry for bothering you. I'll be going soon."

Shawn turned to see his buddy Jake grinning at him. Jake was in and also said he'd ask his other friend Madelyn Conner if she was interested. It was odd, Jake and Mad Conner were much closer with each other than they used to be. It was a very curious thing for Shawn.

"Are you going to ask Mae to come too?" Jake said.

For the first time. Shawn was at a loss for words. Images popped into his head from the school newspaper and previews of the year book, from the party. Word had spread around quick about Shawn rescuing Mae from drowning. There was always a moment, whenever Mae and Shawn happened to be around each other, someone wanted to take their picture for the yearbook. People were really making it like the two were dating or something. Shawn felt uncomfortable with the new found attention, but well, he tried to ignore it the best he could.

"Mae likes animals," Jake clarified. "I mean, her parents have that whole horse thing." Oh, that was good, she was into the animals too.

"Sure, man. You can ask them both, if they wanna go. More the Merrier."

Shawn turned to the other three sitting on the bench. Ben and Suzanne were back to their Notebooks writing something. But the other boy, the one who wanted to come to the zoo too, looked puzzled.

"That's awesome you wanna go with us man. I'll see you there." Shawn looked at the boy realizing they didn't know each other's names. He gave a friendly smirk. "What's you're name again, dude?"

The boy introduced himself as Zach. Oh yeah, he remembered talking to a Zach before. Was it the same one? They looked the same. Shawn turned around to see his sister's car (mini-limo, same thing) pull into the school's driveway.

Shawn extended his hand for a handshake. "Cool. Just in case you didn't know me... My name's Shawn Morrison."

[[Shawn Morrison's Continued Elsewhere... after The Handshake.]]
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His suspicions were correct, the guy was a hippy. Cool. Hippies tended to be nice people, so the chances of this being a set up were pretty darn low. And above all, he wouldnt feel like the most socially redunant person. Yay...

He returned to the PDA, scrolling through it. He looked at the time in the corner, making sure he woul-


He did a double take.

"Oh shit... 24 hour clock." He mumbled, kicking himself mentally. He continued looking through the stuff, blanking out what other people were saying, until a few fateful words rolled from someones mouth.

"Are you going to ask Mae to come too?" His head shot up. Why would Mae be coming? His brain went into overdrive. What was going on? Why was Mae almost omnipresent in the schools conversations? He had been trying to get that image, that feeling of utter desolation, of one sided betrayl, of sheer stupidity, in thinking that he deserved someone as perfect as that.

She was someone elses any way. Shawn or someone had pulled her out of the pool. Saved her life, while he was puking his guts out.

Lucky bastard.

"Sure, man. You can ask them both, if they wanna go. More the Merrier." Both? Oh, yeah, something about Mad. That was good, he'd have a moderator, someone to stand by whilst they were there.

Oh, wait, she was taken too, wasnt she? Jakey and Maddy had gotten together at that party hadnt they? Good for them, they were cute together. He could feel happy for them. But... He couldnt bring himself to be happy for Mae, and that was terrible. He was an asshole, a selfish git. He should hold what made her happy over what made him happy.

That was what someone who truly loved her would do. He'd make it up to her. He'd be happy for her and her new boyfriend at the zoo.

Once again, the boys words broke him out of his thoughts. His name, right.

"Zachariah Johnston" He said simply, grasping the outstretched palm and shaking it warmly.

"Cool. Just in case you didn't know me... My name's Shawn Morrison." Said the guy. His grip tightened for a split second, before he relaxed his hand and withdrew, slowly breaking contact. Shawn Morrison, that was it.

He'd been the one to save Mae and win her affection.

Dear god, this week just got better and better didnt it?

"Nice to meet'cha. I've gotta run now, but I'll see you there, Kay?" He said, trying not to expose the emotions that were playing havoc underneath his skin.

(( Zachariah Johnston continued Elsewhere ))
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