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When It's Time To Party We Will Party Hard!; DC - Inky's Turn, Outfoxd's Turn
Topic Started: Feb 20 2011, 02:27 PM (4,331 Views)
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The can passed over Marcus' head as he ducked, but he could have sworn he felt the damn thing brush against his hair. Boy, she was pissed. Really pissed. But he expected that, and didn't exactly seem surprised when she threw the can at his head. He just laughed that much harder, joining Devonte in his fit of uncontrolled laughter. It got to the point where Marcus had to take a second just to take his breath. Which would be about the same moment that Marcus realized Jaszmine was about to beat his ass like a red-headed stepchild. Looked like it was time to make his escape.

It was an early exit, but definitely a needed one. He had his fill of fun for the night.

So, to cover his escape, Marcus grabbed a handful of napkins from the table and toss them Jaszmine's way, taking care of a distraction and cleaning her up. Then he grabbed the still laughing Devonte by the back of the shirt, and started dragging his partner in crime with him.

"Book it, Devonte!"

Jaszmine was going to go on a warpath after this. Devonte laughing his scrawny black ass off in her face would have ended with him being nothing more than a chalk outline on the street. So it was best that Marcus dragged him off now before things got too bad. Jaszmine would cool off... eventually. Maybe. Hopefully.

Tonight was a good night.

White girls making out required a reaction, however. So, before he and Devonte left the party, Marcus took a second to stare at the white girls getting it on and had only one thing to say to that.

"...Hot damn."

Tonight was a good night. Short, but good.

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Yellow #4 - Marcus Walker.
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And then Eloise was kissing Amber. At first, it wasn't actually that distasteful, and for a fleeting moment, she even started to wonder if Amber could be a genuine exception. After all, most "completely straight" or "completely gay" people claimed to have them, could be a legitimate thing to have. But then she saw Sterling Odair out of the corner of her eye. She pulled back, opening her mouth with the intention of letting Amber know, only for the other girl's tongue to near-instantly take the opportunity to fill the gap. Several heterosexuality-confirming seconds later, Amber took the hint.

"St-St-St-STERLING! Oh my god, I didn't see you there!"

No shit Sherlock. Why the embarrassment act, you're so blatantly into me, amongst other girls, it's not even funny.

Perhaps it was ironic, then, that Eloise managed to keep her cool quite easily. Appearing flustered was the last thing she wanted to do, not cool whatsoever. Nope, just make it look like everything went exactly as planned, and roll with however that goes. And with years of experience, she was doing a pretty good job of it.

"M-Me and Eloise were just testing out this new cherry flavoured lipstick I brought and, well, I guess you could say we kinda got carried away!"

Carried away? You don't say...

"I don't think anyone minded."

Sterling hit the nail right on the head with that one. A quick look around confirmed that almost everyone in the immediate vicinity had dropped what they were doing - literally, in one case - to gawk at her and Amber. And most of them in a "Wow this is hot" good kind of way, only a few in a disapproving manner. And as for the ones that seemed displeased, as far as Eloise was concerned, they could go fuck themselves; people like Jaszmine and herself didn't mix well at the best of times.

The volume of phone cameras that had come into use was slightly worrying, but on second thought, Eloise decided it would only help confirm her façade to anyone that still didn't believe in the lie. A little embarrassing, maybe, but play it off as though it isn't, and it all turns to advantage.

"Well..." she began, at something of a loss for words. What does one say after that, anyway? Bring up something else, that's what you do. Recalling Amber's words before the make-out session had started, Eloise brought the subject back to Odile, and the assumptions she'd made to that effect. "I'm sure whoever it's really for is gonna love it."
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There was a moment as Skye was walking past people when he noticed that everyone else was still looking past him at the show of tongue from which he was trying to get away. He needed a moment to think. Dammit... he thought, I-I guess it'll be okay. You're Skye fucking Thsani. You can still get he-...

"Skye! Hey Skye!"

Thinking moment over.

Skye turned to see Anna standing behind him, and in the distance he saw that Amber had stopped macking on the other girl. Eloise... That's her name, he thought, "You took the world from me, and now I feel like a child again."

"So, uh....Skye, hey, uh, I see you owe me some new jeans, right?" Anna said to him, stumbling a little when trying to think of what to say. Skye looked down at her jeans, and saw a stain from the beer he dropped.

Damn, she musta been standing right behind me... And shit! I still have to pick that up! he thought, pausing and creating an awkward silence before he started to say something. "Listen, I'm so so-..."

"No, wait, uh, lemme start that again," she said, "Do you...like Amber?" Skye stood still for a moment. There was an even longer awkward pause as he considered what he would say.

Was it really that obvious? he said to himself, Well, yeah, I guess it kinda was considering that my immediate reaction upon seeing her and Eloise wasn't anything along the lines of "Hells-to-the-fuck yes!" Shit, does she have that camera of hers?!

He looked around for a moment to where the beer was that he needed to grab. Maybe he could make a run for it. He started slowly backing away, saying, "Well, Anna, I actually have to go grab her a beer... I should probably grab one for Eloise too or something, just to be courteous." She seemed unphased, "But... Um.. To answer your question... mumblemumbleyesIguesskindaalittlemumble..."

He turned and started walking faster. Had he not felt it would hurt Anna's feelings or something, he would have damn near sprinted. He was freaking out. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! I hate it when everything is going just the opposite of perfectly.

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"I don't think anyone minded."

Now THAT'S a surprise...

As Amber preceded to wipe the smudges of lipstick from her face with a handy tissue, she finally realised that in all the excitement her little display had drawn quite a large crowd of observers. Which, in all fairness, didn't come as that big a shock to the frisky young woman. And whilst the amount of phones she saw people holding up made her feel mildly embarrassed, it wasn't as if she wasn't used to being looked at in a voyeuristic fashion, especially when she considered the number of times she'd been caught doing something along the same lines as the make-out session she'd just shared with Eloise.

Besides, if anything, all the attention she was getting was precisely the kind of thing she loved more than anything else. That of course, and the fact that she could still taste the sweetness of her friend's lips made the entire experience in hindsight twice as worthwhile as it would have been if she was simply seeking the attention of her fellow classmates.

Hmm, I wonder where Skye is with my drink...

"Well..." Eloise began, grabbing Amber's otherwise preoccupied attention. "I'm sure whoever it's really for is gonna love it."

It was at that point that she finally remembered the reason as to WHY she had applied the lipstick in the first place. ODILE! Omigod, I almost completely forgot!

"Yup... And, on that note, I'll be right back in a sec!" she said in a cheerfully chirpy tone of voice, leaning over and giving Eloise a quick peck on the cheek. "Wish me luck!"

With intentions of courting Odile on her mind, Amber made her way for the door and poked her head through...

((Amber Lyons briefly continued in Doorways...))

((...Amber Lyons returning from Doorways))

After she'd finished spying on Odile through the door, Amber returned to Sterling and Eloise with a bright smile on her face.

"On second thoughts, she seems to be kinda busy at the moment. It looks as though SOMEBODY has bagged themselves quite a cutie..." she said, giving Eloise and Sterling a coy wink to emphasise what she'd just hinted.

Whilst she couldn't deny the fact that she was mildly disappointed to see that somebody got to Odile before she could, at the same time she also couldn't deny that joining the party had proven to be a great idea in the end. After all, it was barely halfway done, and already she'd found having the time of her life dancing the night away with Bobby and chatting nonstop with Anna. She'd even managed to engage in a proper make-out session with Eloise, something she'd been dying to achieve for longer than she could remember! And with the night still young, who knows what else she could achieve before it was time to finally return home to be welcomed by a pair of bitchy siblings.

Yes, from the looks of things, this was quickly turning out to be the best party EVER!

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And then Sterling was left alone with Eloise while everyone ran off. At first he considered asking how Amber's new cherry lipstick tasted, but thought better of it. While he tried to think of something better to talk about Amber came back with the current status of Odile and a certain "cutie" (Sterling figured it was Cesar). Well, at least Bobbie and I didn't ruin their night. He thought, half surprised that they were still there. Sterling nodded his head, and looked around at his fellow party goers. Some of whom he haven't seen for a while. He looked back at them,

"I'm going to see who's here. Be right back." and then moved from person to person and from group to group for god-knows-how-long. Talking about the recent basketball games, the upcoming season of SotF-TV, general gossip, and the like. It wasn't until he showed a friend of his the cell phone picture of Amber and Eloise that he realized he should be heading home. He knew Amber lived on the way, so after ten minutes of looking he found her. He walked up and offered,

"Hey Amber, I'm heading home. D'you want a ride?"

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