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Dan was tempted to tell Roy that Roy's mom was pretty gay, but there was a certain point where a joke had to end and that was probably it. Besides, Dan hadn't seen his face since the morning before he was kidnapped. For all he knew the terrorists had drawn a bunch of dicks in a rainbow of colors on his face. That would be pretty damn gay.

Johnny sure had a point though. Cold soda, even if from a weird brand, would be killer right now. "Tell you what, Johnny, if that stuff can make it cold, I'll split it with you." It was a fair trade, Dan thought. And if the soda was bad, then hey, he only had to drink half the can.

Roy's cursing at the sight of the kitchen was no joke, even if his choice to end it with dick made Dan want to call him gay again. But it was ridiculous, the kitchen didn't have swiss cheese. It was swiss cheese. Heck, maybe it had even more holes than swiss cheese.

"Nah, he'd just yell that the kitchen's a piece of shit, right?"

Dan didn't watch a lot of cooking shows.
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