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Right. So, lipstick, soda, and liquid nitrogen. Hmm. Maybe the lipstick could work for a disguise? And maybe the liquid nitrogen could be like a smoke screen? And then, the soda could be for if you get real thirsty and need a nice refreshing swig of Brand X™? Fuck if he knew. Badass Johnny was no MacGyver. What he did know was that things looked pretty dire if someone decided to come around and reenact Halloween or something. Not like anyone in this school would do that- but wait the gunshots. Right. Shit.

He clicked his tongue in annoyance.

And then, the soda being poison and stuff? Like, yeah, that was within the realm of possibility, but wasn't that rather cruel? Like, all he wanted was a taste of Brand X and he'd get a taste of death instead? Like, dude. Not cool. Then again, putting kids on this island in general was rather cruel, but Badass Johnny liked to believe that Lady Luck didn't hate them that much.

So, yeah, looking around the kitchen for stuff would be nice. Not like he planned on using anything, he wouldn't let the terrorists take that from him, but he couldn't really rely on his face to scare off the bad guys. He needed props to complete the role, you know?

He laughed a bit at Roy's joke, and then blew air out his nose at Dan's. Like, that type of humor wasn't really his thing, you know, but it wasn't any use pointing that out now. No need to die on this hill. Or to die at all, really. No need.

"I'd be up for checking out the kitchen, yeah," he said to Roy.

Then, he looked at Dan. "Like, I don't, but I hear liquid nitrogen's pretty cold, so maybe I could give it a spray?" There were more pressing matters, yeah, but just its presence was starting to make Badass Johnny salivate a bit. Like, where else could you find a fresh can of soda?
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