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Oh wow. They were actually getting through to him. As James went to work on Damion's knee Theo felt him stop struggling and start straining to hold himself back. Screams turned to groans through the gauze. Fingers flexed against the concrete under their joined hands, and each time they pulsed Theo gave his hands a squeeze. "Y-you're doing great, that's it, he's got you all cleaned up...we're gonna get you through this, we've got you..." His voice was soft and sounded almost...confident. That wasn't a word he was used to describing himself with. Brash. Blunt. Arrogant. Grating. He hard a hard time communicating he knew what he was talking about while...well, actually communicating he knew what he was talking about rather than just kind of sounding like an ass. He'd never had to help somebody like this, though. He'd never been trusted to help somebody like this. James had believed he could help, and even through all the pain and fear Damion was believing in them too, and he'd never experienced anything like that before. It was terrifying, but it also exhilarated him. It felt like a part of him that he'd always been too afraid to look at was awake and thriving for the very first time.

It was a textbook Call To Action. This was the beginning of his arc. Theodore Fletcher, average sad nerd boy, could become Theo Fletcher, hero and healer and leader and...something. Already he could feel that rush of assurance slipping through his fingers back into anxious daydreaming, but he held onto it tight. This was something. It was important. Right now, it was all he had.

"I think he's good," he said quietly before trying to catch Damion's eye. "You're okay for a second, right? James is almost done, so I'm gonna go look for painkillers. I know he can handle them," he finished with a quick smile and a squeeze of Damion's hand.

Where did that come from?

He didn't dwell on it any further in the moment. His attention was already turned to opening up his bag for the first time and trying to find a first aid kit like the one James was working with. There had to be something in there they could use. While he focused on that, though, one thought shined over the background chatter in his head.

This is the kind of thing they remember people for.
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