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Good news: Tina's eye wasn't gouged out.

Bad news: Still hurt like a bitch.

She could still see when she forced her eye open with her finger but it hurt so much. Despite having removed the wood splinter and washing her eye with a water bottle more than one time, it still felt like it was under her eyelid and it rubbed against her cornea. She assumed it looked horrible, it was probably red with a huge scratch drawn across it.

Still, she continued toward the showers. She headed there because that's where Natali was supposedly assaulted by Blaine. He could have left after but he could also be camping there since there was water. She assumed she could drink the water from the showers, if there was running water that is. It was probably fine to drink, maybe taste a little rusty.

She knew she was on the right track when she heard screaming a girl. Maybe that was Blaine's shtick, attacking girls and like beat them up. In Tina's case, she had it coming because she didn't manage to kill him but she didn't know if Nat was the kind of person to attack people at random. She assumed otherwise, Nat was a softie that hid her gun from Tina and didn't even fire it at her.

As she creeped closer and passed her head by the corner of the building, she saw the dark figure towering over the girl, with his hands wrapped around her neck. Tina raised her gun and pulled the trigger.


Pulled the trigger again.

Click. Click.

Oh, she had forgotten to reload. Her neck and her shooting arm slid back to her body, putting her back against the wall. This could have been a deadly mistake. She could have died if she hadn't noticed it earlier and met an opponent on her way there. It was a fluke she couldn't repeat. She had mistakes, and they could have killed her. She couldn't afford to repeat them.

The girl kept screaming, alert the whole world in her earsight of her position. Tina crouched and tuned out the sound of the girl. Nobody would blame her for letting a girl die here. People had to die so she had to go home. If Blaine killed someone, Tina wouldn't be angry. If anything, that'd give her another reason to shoot him. She let the magazine inside the Type-7 fall out of the gun into her lap and slid the loaded magazine inside. She peeked around corner, seeing the struggle was, well, still struggling and started loading the second magazine with bullets.

Loading it was hard because she had one good eye and an eye who was shut closed. She slid a bullet, one by one until she reached the lucky number seven. Her gun was fully reloaded and her back was also ready for action.

A thought ran through her mind, what if the girl was Amelia or Cecile? What would she do? She should do nothing because that's exactly what Tina wanted. If they died and Tina didn't need to put them down, that's what she wanted. Tina wanted to go home above all rest, nobody mattered other than Tina Luz. It was selfish thought but a needed sacrifice to go home.

She peeked through the corner again, seeing Blaine manhandling the girl, Tina felt bad. It must be painful but at least it wasn't Tina that was under Blaine's hands, and that's the only thing that rang through her head as she retreated back behind the wall, with her gun ready to kill the winner.
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