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There wasn't really anything to say after Amanda's response. He couldn't ask her what she planned to do. They were friends. It wasn't smart. She probably already had some sort of idea of what path he was going down himself, but to ask her if she planned to do the same thing put her at risk, more than him.

So he looked up at her and tried to ask something else.

"So what-"

Tried was the operative word there. Because before he could finish the rest of that sentence, a scream erupted from somewhere outside the building the moment the 'w' formed in his mouth.

Jason shot up, bag already on his shoulder. The sword was already starting to fall, so he took it with his other hand before it hit the ground. It was an awkward dance of pretending that was the plan all along and not something he had to make up on the fly. For a moment it looked like he was trying to perform a balancing act, but the next he had his veneer of confidence on.

His voice was reduced to a whisper.

"We need to hide. Now."

Hide was the only option. This building had one door in, which meant only one way out.

Jason's vague plan teetered on the edge of vague failure.
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