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((the formatting (mostly) ends))

have to run have to run no hes
getting closer no no please
closer closer so close too close dont kill me dont kill me i dont want
to die
She was safe, she couldn't hear him anymore

so she slowed down and saw some sort of brick building, whose door she began to nervously approach while ambient noise continued on

And Rachael's weak ankle betrayed her. She stumbled and something else stumbled, flying across the infinity of the unknown, unfathomable space that was the space she couldn't see with her own two eyes, behind her own head, where monsters and nightmares dwelt.
And the black figure found her.

Rachael's body screamed for respite, for rest perhaps eternal, but Rachael herself screamed aloud, in that alien gazelle hyena voice she didn't recognize. She screamed and screamed as much as her faltering breath would allow, as much as the presence of something malicious on her chest would allow
as much as the hands on her throat would allow

Rachael desperately swiped and clawed, once more, she had to get the hands on her throat off
there was flailing, blood dripping, tears and sweat and

Give up. It's over, they've won.
I want this torture to end.

Still, Rachael fought with that viciousness that didn't belong.
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