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He was wrong. About someone being inside. Because no one was inside. And that was a good thing, really, Badass Johnny being wrong was a good thing. If only it worked like that for a lot of other things, like his Geography test. God, if getting most of the state capitals wrong had been a good thing before, then Johnny would've been utterly blessed. Oh well.

He was right about gunshots being fired here, though. The windows were broken, and... gold nuggets littered the floor. They were rich! Actually, he wasn't sure what use gold would do on this island, but still, gold. He bent down to pick up one of them and actually no they were bullet casings. Right. Yeah that was obvious. He hadn't seen these in a while. He hadn't seem them since-

He dropped it. His fingers reached for his left cheek, dragged themselves across it. Sandpaper.

So, gold nuggets it was, then! And riches didn't really have much use here, so better to just leave them alone. Untouched. Actually, now that he thought about it, this was a crime scene he was walking in. Although, thankfully, probably one of the less serious crimes since there didn't appear to be any blood dripping the floor. Maybe illegal possession of weapons? Public disturbance? He wasn't sure if this island could really be counted as public, but then again, didn't look like anyone lived here to make it private.

Also, if this was a crime scene, then any evidence, like those conspicuous gold nuggets strewn about, shouldn't have been touched. Contamination of data and all, or something like that. Ugh, this was elementary. Daniel would know this, really. He played detective a lot more than Badass Johnny did. He'd get to him though. He would. He had to.

Roy asked about their weapons. Apparently, Dan had some soda. His words almost got caught in his throat because isn't asking about weapons a bit sketch? Like, what if Roy had some AK-47 in his back pocket, and just wanted to make sure that no one could stop him?

OK, maybe not an AK-47, but the point still stands.

That was stupid, however. Getting all suspicious about Roy, really, although thinking about hidden AK-47's was also stupid, but not trusting his own friend was worse. He looked fine, didn't seem to have snapped. Making mountains out of mole hills here.

"Uhh, I have this thing," Badass Johnny said as he rummaged through his bag. He eventually pulled out the can. "It's a spray can of liquid nitrogen. Very misty." He considered pulling the trigger just to show it off, but firing your weapon at your classmates, no matter how harmless, was probably not the best way to make or keep friends.

So far, between them, they had ice breath and soda. He kinda hoped Roy had something better. They were three people. If Roy had a dud also, then, well, the odds really weren't in their favor. Then again, the odds had decided that they should be dumped on this island, so they never were in their favor in the first place, but still.

"You, Roy, what'd you get?"

Dan had gotten his attention with the soda. Johnny had looked through his bag earlier in the day, and the food the terrorists had given was decidedly not gourmet food, unless you considered bread, granola bars, crackers, and water to be that. If you did, well, you probably lived a very hard life, and Badass Johnny felt sorry for you.

So, he looked at Dan.

"Also, that soda of yours. Is it still cold?"
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