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((Blaine Eno continued from I'd Rather be at the Aquarium))

Blaine had been smoking in the woods, humming an eerie tune. The original version was cheery, but this one was not. As he heard gunshots, he sneakily investigated to witness the fight. Rachael lost it and Blaine sprinted at her to dropkick her in the face while she was on the ground.

Now, he landed on his back and his head hit against the ground. He rubbed his head as he saw Rachael running away. There was a big distance between them since Blaine lost momentum through flying on the ground. He ran. His head hurt, he felt dizzy, but he was determined.

She shot.

Blaine could feel the waves of the bullets passing by. With his own empty gun in his hand, he continued to chase the rabbit. The green eyes stared at the green figure and followed.

((Blaine Eno continued in shallow breaths))
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