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Rachael still had no ability to consciously make a noise it was squeezed out of her with a disgusting throaty pop like someone splattering a slab of meat onto tile.

Barely a minute ago she'd been fine or at least alone with her own pain. She'd continued to gag, continued to choke on her own faltering attempts at calming breathing, continued to sift through her stuff, continued with a fresh cartridge of bullets into her gun and more fistfuls of cartridge stuffed into her arms cradled close like her own first born

She heard her own history narrated to her in the third person in her own head. She'd looked up while she'd been gathering her little shiny candies of sin and murder. A rustle, a shadow. The sole of a shoe, dominating the horizon and stamping itself onto her eyeball like a brand. Her nose exploded, the flesh resettled only with difficulty, in bloody cracks and scars. Rachael fell back, screaming wildly, only holding onto her precious violent treasures barely.

She could once more hear an anger that wasn't her own. Bestial,


Two cases of bullets tucked under the bookends of one elbow. Rachael forgot the meaning of the word hesitation. Her mind screamed a thousand furious words of fear and retribution and not one of the screams was conscious, not even the one roaring out of her jaw-cracked mouth. She for once did not stumble, she held herself aloft with alien willpower, her blank mind host to such parasite.

She felt no pain. Only the pistoning rattle of her gun, three times, as she fired at the other specter she only barely recognized to be human and backpedaled.

Shells hitting the ground.

Where am I?
Why am I doing this?

Retreat became rout.

((Rachael Langdon continued in shallow breaths))
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