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And then they decided that checking out the mess hall was a great idea. That would hopefully be fine. As long as no one had died in there it would be fine. If someone had, well, Dan didn't want to think about it. Some of his classmates were pretty dumb, but hopefully no one was dumb enough to actually kill someone this quickly. They'd be getting out of there pretty soon.

The inside was how you might expect an abandoned mess hall to look, for the most part. Chairs and tables everywhere, dust and other filth. He didn't like it though. He wasn't a neat freak or anything, but he at least kept his room somewhat clean, and his mom would never have let more than a few specks of dust accumulate in their dining room.

The part that wasn't how he expected were the bullet casings scattered around. So the gunfire had definitely been inside. But there was no blood, that was something of a relief. Maybe someone was just a complete idiot and liked to shoot their gun. After all if they were rescued soon, when would the people with crazy guns get to shoot them again?

His weapon?

"I uh, got a soda, probably off brand."

He'd never heard of it before, maybe it was foreign.
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