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“I suppose so.”

And that was true, wasn’t it? Maxwell wasn’t the only person on this island who wanted to live. No. He wasn’t. Baxter, Yasmin, Lyndi, whoever else happened to be here, he was sure that they all wanted to live. He was sure that nobody on this island wanted to die here.

And he was sure that there were people who were willing to do anything to live and see another day.

People - just like him - who were willing to do whatever it took if it meant they could live.

And what would Maxwell do to those people if they crossed his path?

What exactly would he do if they decided to put themselves in his way?

He didn’t know. He’d think about it later along with all the other things he seemed to be carrying under this new mantra of his.

Right now though, he’d walk. Behind Paris, the lighthouse within viewing distance of the two. To be honest, he wasn’t entire sure of what they’d do when the both of them got there. Explore? Scavenge? Talk? The possibilities seemed endless, and until the two of them entered that building it couldn’t be told which possibilities were valid and which weren’t, whether the lighthouse was safe or if it was a deathtrap.

He sighed.

He supposed he would have to rely on familiar ground. These cliffs. The person asking a question in front of him.

Familiar ground, familiar possibilities, he supposed.

“I don’t know how this game will end, but…”

He paused. Considered what he was about to say for a brief moment.

“I know that not everyone here is just going to lay down and die. I know that there are people who are… actively going to try and achieve victory.”

Another pause. Then:

“I suppose the both of us are going to have to stop these people, aren’t we?”
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