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Well, hey, that was a little more in the realms of ‘badass’! Walking right into a building you were almost certain still had people in it, people who had just been doing their best Annie Oakley impressions no less, yeah, that was pretty badass. Some people would probably push that along one step to ‘stupidity,’ but fuck them, this was Johnny’s time to shine.

Okay, all right, fine, the only reason Roy hadn’t said anything to stop Johnny was because he had the weird little lipstick gun thingy in his pocket, right at arm’s reach as a ‘just in case’ precaution, but still! Badass!

Roy stole a glance at Dan, gave him a quick ol’ shrug of the shoulders, then took off after Johnny, keeping his good arm free at all times, ready to dive into his jacket pocket at the first sight of Axey McShootsalot.

B069 Axey didn’t exactly have a lot of places to hide, though. The view inside the mess hall didn’t change too much from the doorway, just that there was more of it. A big, open room, with pretty much no hidey holes or winding corridors or conveniently places bales of hay to hide in. Just even more rows of metal lunch tables, bolted to the floor. Good luck trying to hide using one of those, unless you were some Mission Impossible wannabe, tying yourself to the underside of the table.

Fuck, weirder bullshit had happened before.

Roy made a grumbly noise, and began to walk up the first row of tables, glancing underneath each one as he passed it. There was always something chilling out under there; cobwebs, crumpled drink cans, empty cigarette packets, a frog (neat), rusty nails and screws. No people to be found so far.

But there were a lot of shell casings dotted around the place, and that pretty much signed and sealed Johnny’s belief that there’d been a shoot-out in here. Or at least, someone with a gun, who wasn’t afraid to use it. And both of those options were fucking shit, if they were still hiding somewhere in here.

Roy felt the kiss of death – the weapon, thank fuck, not the reaper himself standing behind him and rummaging in his pockets because ‘hey man you can’t take it with you, might as well give your stuff to old grimy here’ – jostle in his pocket, and his pace slowed down to a standstill. Man. He reaaaally hoped that his lipstick gun wasn’t the only thing keeping them all safe. Like, yeah, sure, he knew how to fire a rifle, and he sure as hell wasn’t gonna lose a gun duel to anyone else in the class.

But firing an Actual Gun was a lot different than trying to shoot with a fucking tube of Ruby Blitz Lipstick.

“Yo, guys?” Roy asked, trying to both keep his voice down and make sure that Dan and Johnny heard him okay. “What’d you two get for your weapons ‘n shit?”
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