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The Yugetnam War
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“Right. Right.”

He paused as Paris did. Looked at him as he stroked his hands over the fence overlooking the cliffs. Listened as Paris posed his question. His suggestion that the both of them do good. Try to help others now that they were both on here.

But that wasn’t what Paris was suggesting. That wasn’t what Paris was asking. It was a simple question, really. What was Maxwell doing on this island?

And Maxwell supposed that it was an easy answer as well. Maybe not one Paris would like, but it was one he had to give.

One he had to say if he wanted to make things clear. For himself. For the others. For the people on the cameras.

“I’m not sure of the specifics as of yet, but…”

He paused. Looked to the lighthouse. Looked back to the group of people talking in the distance.

Felt the knife in his pocket become heavier than it’d felt before.

“I know I don’t want to die here. I know I don’t want to let them kill me.”
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