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And as it turned out, Paris had been injured trying to help somebody else.

And as it turned out, Maxwell had been worrying for nothing.

And that had happened before, hadn’t it? Back at the cabin, when Baxter had initially entered the cabin. When Daniel spoke, indicating that he was still alive. He had worried for the worst, back then, and both times - three times now - his worries had been unfounded. Daniel hadn’t been dead, Baxter hadn’t been a threat and Maxwell had just been standing there, annoyed that he had been wary for nothing. Was he always going to fear the worst from now on? To be honest, Maxwell wasn’t sure, but it was… annoying, how that tended to happen. How he always seemed to want to imagine the worst, only for something less bad to settle in.

Did that mean that he wanted the worst to happen?

Did he want Daniel to be dead?

Did he want the people he met - Baxter, Paris - to attack him?

The answer was no, but to be honest, he wasn’t sure.

That didn’t matter, though. He could push that away. Think about it later, if he needed to.

Right now all he needed to do was consider Paris’ offer. His suggestion. One that suggested being heroic. One that suggested working with him.

One that - admittedly - went against Maxwell’s own plans, although that wasn’t necessarily something Paris had to know. All he had to do was talk. Act as if he was interested in this.

Act as if this conversation was in the halls of the school, rather than on the cliffs of this island.

“Do you really think that we’re the only two who would…” he said, shaking his head slightly. “...who could help others?”
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