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'Secure location' was kinda vague, like it was with people Paris knew sometimes being all kinds of vague and talking a lot about stuff in particular. Paris chose not to question it, at some point forgot what his question would have been anyways, he kept walking.

Paris shoved the barrel of the gun into his jeans, so the handle stuck out. It also made the fabric around his hip a bit tight, and he waddled and shimmied, crab walked a bit to adjust.

"Some guy attacked me." What had that guy's name been again? "He robbed Soren- you remember Soren, right?- robbed him of his gun and.. and ran off after he hit me with a sword for trying to intervene. Now I dunno where any of them are."

Paris glanced back at the others beginning to shrink and melt away into the distance as he and Maxwell continued ambling down the slopes.

"Anyways I have to find Soren again and help him out just in case. And, you know, guys like the guy that attacked him. We have to watch out, and warn others. It's you and me, Maxwell. You know?" Paris sighed a bit. There was some sort of weight somewhere balanced on his shoulders, wounded or otherwise. "It's going to be hard but someone has to do it. Why not us, you know?"
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