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The Yugetnam War
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“We have some others in a… more secure location,” Maxwell said, taking his steps to follow Paris. “We’re hoping just to take a quick trip away from them, to… see what this island is like for ourselves, I guess.”

He watched Paris as he led the way towards the lighthouse. Saw the blood, the injury on his shoulder. Winced, slightly. Admittedly, Maxwell had seen gore before, but they’d been the gore of animals. Of… things. Not humans. Not people Maxwell happened to care about.

But he supposed he would have to see it, wouldn’t he? If he were to win, if he were to be the one deemed the fittest, he would have to kill. He would have to be the one who spilled blood.

Obviously though, that could wait. Right now, he supposed the main thing- the main person he should be worrying about was Paris. There was blood on his shoulder. A gun in his hands. Obviously the injury in itself was a worry - even if somebody had bandaged it up - but the question was more in line with context. How did Paris get that injury? How had he gotten his shoulder opened up this early? Maxwell wasn’t sure, but it felt… off. Suspicious. Admittedly, part of that was because of what Paris was like, what Paris had done before now. Moments at parties, where he had suddenly tried to set Maxwell up with a girl. Moments at the cafeteria, where he had gotten some of the… less intellectually capable people in the school to do what he wanted for him.

Moments across the school, where he seemed to be able to just string people along with a snap of his fingers.

And Maxwell knew that it wasn’t smart to make his distrust known.

And Maxwell knew that trust between them - between him and everyone he had met so far - was essential to his continued survival.

But he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t shake off the feeling. He couldn’t help but have his eyes trail to the blood on Paris’ shoulder.

So, after a moment of deliberation, he decided to make his distrust known.

“What happened to your shoulder?”

He looked around. Tried to see if the expressions on anyone else’s face had changed.

As it turned out, he was alone.

And as he noticed that the others were a considerable ways back, he began to feel a sense of worry crawling up his arms.
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