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Maxwell front and center, Paris nodded in recognition. Definitely a familiar sort of face, that one. Paris checked out the scene, as it stood. Aria over here, Maxwell over here, other people over there.

Paris tentatively massaged the bloody mess on his shoulder and grit his teeth, then he smiled.

"Good to see you too, but like. Better circumstances and all." Paris glanced the way of the distant pillar of the lighthouse rising from the earth, then began to slowly drift towards it, his shoes scrunching earth underneath. He got the sense that he should check that building out at some point or another, it dominated the horizon so it probably had a decent vantage point or something strategic like that.

"These all the people you've found so far? Not asking you to kiss and tell though." Paris segued into his next thought without delay. "I'm going to check out the way to the lighthouse, see if it's clear. We'll probably head there next."

And so he went, and the others all just did whatever.
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