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For all Maxwell knew, Sarah could have given a response to his greeting. For all Maxwell knew, Baxter could have expressed confusion, asked why Maxwell had just responded the way he did.

But there were other things. More important things to pay attention to. Two more shapes in the distance, one of which being of a person Maxwell considered very important.

Well, at the very least, more so than the other people here.

Paris Ardennes - like Maxwell - was one of the more popular kids at P.J Hobbs Senior High School. Paris Ardennes - like Maxwell - was also interested in social climbing, social interaction. Like Maxwell, he also knew how to talk to others, how to get from one place on the social ladder to the other. How to get… quite a lot of the girls in the school to fall in love with him. He knew the results of which tended not to be pretty - which was, for the most part, different to Maxwell’s own experiences with breaking up - but he wasn’t exactly one to judge. He wasn’t exactly one who could mock the fact that Paris himself was fairly vulnerable to the girls of this high school.

But that part of Paris wasn’t one that benefited Maxwell to think about. The part of Paris that did effect Maxwell was his particular status. As a fellow combatant. As Maxwell’s friend.

Someone who could serve as a benefit to Maxwell, if he played his cards right.

He stepped forward. Smiled as Paris greeted him, as Aria - uninteresting, to be honest someone Maxwell had never talked to all that much - stood behind him.

Decided to give a reply on his own.

“No. Me and Baxter had only just noticed Sarah here.”

He paused. Took another step forward.

“It’s good to see you again.”
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