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((Aria Samuels continued from The Land of Shadow))

"Ok, ok. Mr. Dolph's going to heaven. Not like I said he wasn't."

Whenever it came to religion, Aria knew it was just best to go along with what Paris said. He really didn't give a fuck about God or any religious figures, but he remembered one time where Paris went on what felt like an entire sermon and wanted to avoid that. In a way, it was nice to hear Paris talking about religion, even in the context of their dead teacher. It was almost fucking normal, or at least as normal as things were gonna fuckin' get around here.

He really didn't want to interfere too much with Paris's vibe, even though he was nervous about where they were going. After all, Aria seemed to be going in a fucking big old circle, straight back to the fucking cliffs. That meant having another chance encounter with the psycho girl with the gun. Though that probably would be something right up Paris's alley, Aria personally would've much preferred staying the fuck away from that particular brand of crazy.

"Lombardi." Aria droned quietly to himself.

His grip tightened on his trumpet. He almost wished the psycho girl was still here. At least she'd possibly kill fucking Maxwell Lombardi. Asshole extraordinaire, he easily was one of the biggest assholes at school, which was a fucking accomplishment with the likes of Adumbis existing. One of the main kids who made his life hell, Aria had no love lost for the fucking red-haired head-up-his-own-ass jerk. He pretty much ignored Baxter and Sarah. They couldn't compare to the utter loathing he had for Lombardi.

Paris was friendly with him, however, so he elected not to shout obscenities at the fucking asshole. Instead, he was content to just glare angrily at him.
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