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"He just... yeah."

Amanda echoes. There was really nothing else she could say, or? It reminded her of something - or rather someone else. Some of the older people she knew here and there tended to tell her stuff that bordered on being inappropriate. Amanda had mastered the technique of just nodding and smiling. She felt it was usable here as well. Maybe Jason wasn't talking about how his brother stole their parents' inheritance and fled to Belize with a Byelorussian hooker, but it was in the same ball park.

Jason wasn't a bad man. He hadn't killed anyone. He even said he didn't hurt anyone.

Still, she had no idea how to talk about that.

So she did not.


The wet spots in her clothes suddenly became way more uncomfortable. She wished she could have just removed them again.

"I'm glad you're still fine. Let's not do anything hasty now..."
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