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"... But yeah, dude, I think men like Mr. Dolph would go to heaven. He was a good teacher..."

Paris spoke to himself a bit, or he spoke to the person still following him.

((Paris Ardennes continued from The Land of Shadow))

"I'm just saying."

Paris had plenty more to say, though he wasn't sure how much of it was relevant. Ultimately he didn't really want to talk about the situation as it were too much. Plans, fears, those sorts of things seemed like a waste of time. His own two feet led them where they would, and Paris didn't know himself where that was.

He drunk in the scent of the ocean with deep, calm rises of his chest. He listened to the crunch of dry topsoil underneath his boots with each step, for a few more steps until he saw a few figures a way up the fence he'd been following. Paris waved casually, then approached until he was a respectful ways behind the girl with the purple hoodie, gazing over her shoulder.

"Maxwell!" Paris paused, figuring people would need a second if they hadn't noticed him approaching. The gun stayed visible, pointed right at the ground. "Am I interrupting anything? We all cool up here?"
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