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He almost felt like an idiot for asking that question.

“I suppose so,” Maxwell said, his head still looking out over the sea. Was that something the man on the bus had said? Maxwell… wasn’t entirely sure. Admittedly, he hadn’t been the most attentive during those particular moments. Admittedly, he had felt paralyzed, fearful, too trapped in his own head to really be able to focus on what the man was saying in front of him. He had gotten enough of what he said then, though. His class was going to be transported to an island. His class would be unable to escape, unless they happened to be the last one still alive. If they tried going against that rule, the metal band around their necks would kill them.

But it seemed that he didn’t understand enough of this place.

And that… bothered him.

And although it was, although Maxwell in particular needed to know how this place worked, it wasn’t an issue.

Not at all.

He shook his head as Baxter asked his question. Turned around.

Saw the girl standing behind him.

“...Sarah, right?”
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